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CROWDRISE : Feb 03, 2015
Tax ID: 47-1554524
BASED: Mobile, AL, United States


Thor and Lilly's

Thor and Lilly’s mission is to provide families comfort and pets relief during one of their toughest times. When pet owners are faced with an unexpected pet emergency and working with limited financial means, they are forced to make difficult sometimes regrettable decisions.

The reason I started this organization is so families wouldn't go through what ours did. We provide a miracle for families when all hope is lost. Here is Thor's story and the inspiration for Thor and Lilly's.

On September 30, 2009, our family lost our best friend and the reason for this organization, Thor.  He was a black Labrador/ Great Dane mix that was poisoned by an angry neighbor a couple days before. As soon as we noticed there was something wrong we rushed Thor to the emergency room where the bill quickly exceeded $500 dollars, and that was just for diagnostics. I didn’t have that kind of money. As a single parent of three, I had just returned to work after having been laid off several months before. I had $350 dollars to my name, $100 of which was barrowed. The vet did what they could for Thor, but without any money, there were no other treatment options made available for him.  We took him home, made him comfortable and hoped he could recover. The following morning at 5:55 a.m., I woke to a sound coming from my oldest daughter like I had never heard before. She was screaming a horrifying scream, and a smell that words can’t describe instantly filled the house. I opened my bedroom door to find my daughter on her knees, sobbing, trying to wipe up a pool of blood with a towel. “He’s pooping blood!” she cried, “he tried to make it outside but he couldn’t…” The poison was slowly shutting down Thor’s organs, while I raced the clock frantically calling vets and organizations searching for someone willing to help us charitably. To my disappointment, there was nothing and no one. I was told that without the money for treatment, there was nothing they could do. As evening hours set in, so did the harsh and painful reality of the situation. My family and I were helpless and heartbroken, as we realized there was nothing we could do for Thor. Our only option was to nurse him, love him, and make him comfortable. Thor slowly and painfully passed away with my daughter at his side. It was a horrible experience that no family should ever have to go through, especially those of us who know our pets are “family”.  ​The goal of Thor and Lilly’s is to ease the suffering of both the pet and the family in pet emergency situation. Families should not have to choose between bills and proper medical care for a loved family member.  Through generous donations from supporters like you, we can help prevent other families from experiencing horrific loss like ours.

Tax ID: 47-1554524 •


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