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Thousand of Pets are Going Blind in Hawaii! Help Find a Cure!

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One of the warmest experiences is seeing the love in your pet's eyes. But for thousand of people in Hawaii, looking at your pet's eyes is a sad, painful experience. There is an epidemic of blindness affecting thousands of dogs and cats on Hawaii Island. Their eyes slowly get cloudy causing partial to total blindness. And the cause and treatment are unknown. It begins as white spots on the cornea of the eye. Over time, the cloudiness spreads. Pets of all ages are affected, including kittens and puppies who must spend a lifetime with partial to full blindness. Stings from the invasive Little Fire Ant that get into pet's eyes are suspected as a trigger that may allow a bacteria or fungus to enter the eye (which is why we call this "Fire Ant" Eye). The spots seem to develop soon after the burning sting from the ants, but the cloudiness remains and slowly spreads over time, as you would expect from some slow growing infection. There is no effective treatment at this time, since there has been no research yet to identify the cause. All you can do is watch helplessly as your pets slowly go blind. Over 50% of the dogs and cats in east Hawaii are affected. In some areas over 90% of the pets are affected. And it's spreading throughout the island. We are a nonprofit animal protection organization in Hawaii, and we are spearheading a campaign to find the cause and cure of this blindness epidemic. Your generous donation will help us fund the necessary research. Please help our dogs and cats see clearly again, and help end this epidemic that is darkening the lives of Hawaii's dogs, cats, and pet owners.



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Good Shepherd Foundation Inc is working on selecting a charity so you can support Thousand of Pets are Going Blind in Hawaii! Help Find a Cure!.