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CROWDRISE : Oct 29, 2011
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Let's Talk   Baby in the NICU?  There is an APP for that!

Help a New Family restore fragile bonds

THRIVE has been awarded grants from the American Psychoanalytic Foundation through the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association for our Let's Talk APP for smart phones and iPods for parents while their infants are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU.  

We offer a Virtual Parent Group - an EMOTIONAL NICU (E+NICU)to help parents restore fragile bonds which may have been disrupted through traumatic birth.  Despite the excellent care babies receive in the NICU and the attempts of staff to support parents, the baby is primarily the NICU patient and so the majority of resources are aimed at the medical management of the babies.  Our APP guides parents through their journey in the NICU which can be over 100 days.  We offer podcasts, ebooks, education and even a SPA for relation through our APP. THRIVE Infant-Family Program's Let's Talk NICU THRIVE helps make the EMOTIONAL connections that may help with the acute stress of premature delivery.  The early days in the NICU are our target to help parents deal with trauma of prematurity and medical fragility and to discover they know their baby best, even if they cannot offer usual care.  It's really rough to have a new baby you cannot hold and comfort right away.  LET"S TALK helps parents do what they CAN do for their babies by talking to them and thinking with them in healing ways.

THRIVE studies the infants’ capacities for emotional communication and social relatedness as well as the coresponding abilities of the caregiver.  Our treatment clarifies infant communication and facilitates caregiver empathy and response.  THRIVE provides training and education for professionals and disseminates knowledge to the community.

THRIVE's vision is to understand the emotional development of the infant from the beginning, facilitate communication in the infant-caregiver relationship, and to provide an environment for infants to thrive from the beginning.

 The THRIVEfamilyLAB is a new initiative for the creation of iphone/ipad ipod APPS for parents in the NICU and at home. In addition to the creation of new APPS, the THRIVE familyLAB provides inter-disciplinary training for professionals, Infant Observation Courses and pregnancy accompaniment groups.  We are research associates with the UCSC Open Lab.

We need your help to stay in touch with parents in our Parent2Parent Let's Talk webspace at

Tax ID: 27-0679338


Talk to me Baby

Talk to me Baby

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THRIVE's First Distinguished  Scholar Award

THRIVE's First Distinguished…

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