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Hello everyone, We are a growing group of eclectic individuals passionate about spirituality, real politics, holistic science and ancient knowledge, actively involved in both substantial and non-conventional change. We are in the process of creating a residential community which will serve as an alternative to the modern Western world: a crucible disconnected from the burdensome perspective that present-day civilization is heading for collapse and desperately trying to feed us with its own illusions and decadence --individual, social, economic, moral and environmental. Countless alternative social projects like ours are being spontaneously created and independent intentional communities are emerging right now in many countries. Our group defines itself as a multidisciplinary spiritual community. Some of us are committed artists and thinkers, some seers, some scientists, visionaries or revolutionary activists, some world travelers. We are genuine, resolute, engaged souls who are willing to commit to a long-term collective project that demands responsibility, insight, strength, relational skills and a fine taste in avant-garde production. We are convinced that individual and isolated acts cannot change the upcoming global crisis the false elite of mankind is working for, and that the main responsibility of those who seek, like us, to embody and preserve what can be saved of earthly humanity's freedom, dignity, knowledge, tradition, and wisdom is to collectively prepare our transition from this age to the next, our very future. Today, whenever you examine the different forces and people trying to bring their contribution to the evolution of mankind, a constant and almost stunning reality appears: nearly all of them are profoundly ineffective or isolated. This split results in every single person committed toward real social progress having to exert an incredible amount of energy for minimal gain; if more unity were achieved, tremendous results could be accomplished almost effortlessly. Society as a whole works collectively with many roles delegated to execute a single purpose; yet those who wish to change the status quo tend to break off from others and to disregard the importance of collective action. People have many different personality types, talents, and aptitudes, which serves to remind us that even if individuation is a mandatory yet often neglected aspect of spiritual growth, our final cause involves creatively merging with others to be more fulfilled, and successful. In decreasing order of priority, your donation will go toward: 1 - Advertising of the community in select places (printing and distributing flyers at conferences, spiritual events, etc) and online promotion. 2 - A plot of land whose exact location has yet to be determined based on many factors. At this stage, it is still too early to precisely determine where we will establish ourselves, and all viable options - including outside the US - are being carefully considered. However, we are currently thinking of spanning a major city and its nearby rural location in either California, Oregon, or Washington State. This land will fully accommodate at first around 20 of our core members, then progressively as many as can be welcomed. 3 - Construction materials to build our first collective and private living spaces. Ecological designs and materials are valued but not considered a priority. 4 - Travelling means for our Order to search for and meet new members in various spiritual, cultural, artistic and political sites as well as in other existing communities. 5 - Tools and start-up capital to work on collective income, on a field survey for natural self-sustainability, and to build and maintain microgardens, greenhouses and vital permaculture zones. 6 - Financial support for the Order's scientific, artistic and spiritual projects. We want to thank in advance all the generous contributors who express the will to be of service to others by promoting and supporting alternative communities like ours! Know that witnessing the existence of each soul wishing to make a difference is priceless and deeply moving!



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