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Tibetan Healing Fund Birthing Center

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Karen Lada


Friends all around the world, I know times are tight in the $$ department, but your lives are much cushier than those in Tibet. A lovely, gentleman, a Monk in Tibet has started a charity that helps women and babies in Tibet (a place I have a sneaking suspicion we never even think of).

The only reason I know of this charity is because of the most lovely Robert Schwartzman, lead singer of Rooney, but now solo artist.

If you go to you can buy his CD and know that all of the proceeds go to this organization.

Robert's friend, has built  the first birthing center for the area and that's Roberts goal. This man is giving his heart, soul, money, and perhaps at times sanity to this project.

The last "Birthing Center" cost $90,000 so that's the amount of money we hope to raise.

Keep in mind, I am doing this not only for myself, but also for Robert who is currently touring (and will not rip my head-off for taking this initiative for him).

So, visit,


You can even stream "Second Chances" which exemplifies this project....

You can print posters and get lots of hype going!!!

If you know, Robert, consider yourself fortunate because he is an awesome person, you also may know that his birthday is on December 24th so why not donate in his honour? Or just buy the CD because it ROCKS!!

Bottom line, many deserving women and Children in Tibet will benefit.

Here in Robert's own words:

Here is a bio of the AMAZING man who started this whole project, and then I'll stop praising the world.....

Dr. Kunchok Gyaltsen is one in a new generation of outstanding Tibetan Medical Doctors. Having spent his life gaining expertise in both Tibetan Buddhist Studies and Tibetan Medicine, Dr. Gyaltsen’s proficiency in clinical treatment (specializing in digestive disorders), his many public teachings and scholarly writings on the approaches of Tibetan Medicine, combined with 28 years of training as a Tibetan Buddhist monk offer exceptional and rare knowledge in ways to keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy.

Yes, there are zillions of charities out there, but this one WILL HELP others---the MONEY does go to the charity and when I think about all of the "blood-sweat-and-tears," I get teary myself.



Here's more media:{501cd4bb-31b1-4259-b60e-a10f7abf8379}



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Karen Lada

Karen Lada


Let's get the ball rolling!!! 8 years ago