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Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a Wild Animal Preserve and Environmental Education Center that is home to over 150 animals, with a concentration on providing a last stop home to our worlds Apex predators, big cats bears and wolves.

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Our Mission is to uphold the highest standards of care and respect for native and exotic animals in need of secure permanent homes. As a wild animal preserve and rescue we are open to the community as an environmental education learning center and recreational destination for the entire family.

Tigers For Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain focus is on preservation, education and conservation. We are a, a 501-c-3 non- profit and rely on gate admission, donations, grants as well as other income generating programs that we promote to succeed in meeting our operations as well as capital projects. 

Tigers For Tomorrow is a Wild Animal Preserve and Rescue, as well as an Environmental Education Center. To clarify, rescue does not mean an animal was abused or neglected, many times a person’s life or situation has suddenly drastically changed.  Often we interchange the word rescue with rehome, and really it does not matter much either way because once an animal comes to live with us we don’t play with your emotions and tell sad stories about the animals that live here, we focus on giving them a good life with respect, dignity and the best care possible. Rehome, rescue, all the animal needs to do is have a need and that is good enough for us. 

We invite you to visit our preserve when we are open to the public or become part of our facebook family. Most of all we invite you to join us in helping to save the tiger and bridge the gap between humans and all animals. You can make a diffrence today.