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Timmy Delgado

Timmy Delgado
United States
Stuff About Me:

The immune of your body is responsible for your protection against foreign substances. Foreign substances such as bacteria, enzymes and viruses can enter your body and cause a problem for your body. The immunity system of your body creates various antibodies to protect your body from illness. It does this by producing a protective shield against the external viruses. However, sometimes the immune system of your body identifies foreign substances as harmful, even though, they are not. In such cases, common allergies occur in your body. Allergies such as bee venom, pollen, and pet dander are very common for people throughout the world.

There are many allergens, which are recommended by the doctors to the people during allergies. Some of the allergens include wheat products (such as Chapati and rice), milk products and peanuts. There are many symptoms which show the signs of allergies. Overreactions may include skin irritations, sneezing and wet eyelids. These infections may cause anaphylaxis that may cause many severe reactions such as respiratory failures and heart attacks. Many methods of diagnosis and treatment of such allergies exist and can be cured in no time. However, a natural allergy relief is preferred all over the world.

What are the symptoms of such allergies?

There are symptoms of these allergies, but not one. They may vary from person to person and disease to disease. Symptoms of allergic reactions may include hives, rashes and many other skin irritations. These symptoms can be cured easily and can be done on your own. But other critical symptoms of allergies such as diarrhea, bloating and digestive irritations such not be ignored for very long and the person should consult the doctor immediately. A few more symptoms of allergies may include congestion, running nose and eyes.

The most critical and serious allergic reactions may include anaphylaxis, this allergy treatment usually signifies to medical emergencies. Signals such as nausea and weak pulse are very dangerous and should be taken seriously. Swelling of the airways may create problems for the person to breath and other respiratory problems. A person may face regular instances of loss of consciousness and respiratory problems if he/she is suffering from Anaphylaxis.

Minor allergic treatments

You can easily and safely treat minor allergic reactions at home. These allergic reactions such as congestion and various breathing problems can be easily treated with the counter antihistamines which are very efficient in addressing such problems. They are very cheap and easy to find. Tablets, drops and sprays are some simple forms of medicines which are efficient in treating these problems. On your own you can treat problems such as swelling, redness of eyes and itch around an eye easily with the help of ice, eye drops and other topical creams. Creams which contain corticosteroids are very useful in such situations and one should always have a tube of that cream in their house. Acetaminophen can be very useful in reducing pain. However, if the symptoms in the form of allergies still exist, then the doctor may prescribe you more powerful medications.




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