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Tim Pettersson

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amanda SAYS:
November vote for you :)
November vote for you :)
5 years ago
Terry SAYS:
oo,noe D E $_.W hi .i______…

oo,noe D E $_.W hi

.i______ -.

Aint gODT

A int gODT_.N [] .________________________ [M.O_N eyoo,noe i wernt toh co[U. R]t.

$UM_yeA_z bhack, an

. .annoe

w][o0 .J[o B.]M eK[D_'$] pe-PILL N[]-!-

wontED ...

.wHU[M]Ak__[en_]k!D$ N[ ]T * .....wAN+Ed !N_Wa n-|- eD


$M o.N[] ______________________________

n.HO ______________________________ _B ...

KN[0 w_.]B_______________ W ]-[0__ J]-[oB ._Mek__________* D'$ _paR[EN-]-$ N.E [G]/e c-|- dAY .D[]m ______................................ . K!ds , kHid$iezD E $_.W hi

.i______ -.

A int gODT _.N () .________________________ [M.O_N ey .4__ __*

mhie haN[D_..]#$%^)&_*oo,noe D E $_.W hi

.i______ -. *

A int gODT _.N [] .__________________ [M.O_N eyoo,noe i wernt toh co[U. R]t.

$uM_yeA_$ - bhack, an

..annoe |_aW_M aN$._W]-[u$$W A$_ s/$peAK!N__ -|-[]______ mHi e .m[]M[.]M__[E'n_] uN.C|_ E

(bowtd,meE_)@#$%^)&_*&_^)%$m -F shJ.______ iM -|-(R)i EN_ -|-oO $Pe A k _.2__ M g]-[i-|- en_ $Emi _.


.D a______ m -F m U$ -|- a(R)_


[$A!D.__________ma!D_____tHA__c[]Mm ENT._]Y]-[oO .CA .|_eE[D _ __*

-}-ha .horSE -!-[] .___________________________

___ ~|~H A.______W[.A]te (R). bUT_ jOH Ckaen-|-ha WA-|-__d[_]H


bOT.______ J[]o/Cho0/cH.eW .CA iNt ____________

M aK_E]* i-|- _ d R.!N[K] (shJ) .___________________

(i 0M . /hike ._________wUT.D'_'H ._ heC_

..y]-[o0 cAA_ |_ heE_D .doh, ______

ho (R).$E .______________________________ @#$%^)&_*( M) -F___________________ [h[]. /oaN_.*]

..yoor dA ______F[uH]

.K! N /_aW_ _ _ en ._y]-[o0 -|-hiNK iM_.A......................... }-[[o

YE[W______] y'0'u ThiNK [en_]- |-ri __ __ na _{P}u$ H ._iM.mA_ ho 345787-*_&%^)$#2

.j.E]w .B[a $$-|-]aR .____________ iM[m.o] kH!C.K .Hi$ P[UB] /i C .d[EF]e N [D_] n A!

&_^)%$#$%WE!n_* i_ _ _ F! ND d[?]m^)&_*&_^)%$ H.sHj_*.

.$AmE .________
(SH J)dON-|- .CH[aN.G[E]. W[]r/D __ .c0'$_

www.smokie736@.myspace.coM /ikE H!p.]~[o P_ i....... Aint, $iPo0rsetoh

/_.A $_ #$%^)&_^)%



w EP.B i gG) _____________________


(R)E M! x.______________
7 years ago
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Luke SAYS:
Was Hopping you Might Help W…
Was Hopping you Might Help With Either Or Both Two Projects
Both Projects Need Help First
With The Help Of WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
We Can Help Prevent the Extinction Of Wildlife Of The Rainforests And Rare Plants And Species
And Natives Of 200,000 That Live In The Rainforest There Is Lots Of Of More Information On The Website Have A Look

The Project Is About The Benefit Of Tigers Around The World The Proceeds Go Straight To WWF
Your support will help WWF save tigers across their habitat- from India and Indonesia all the way to Russia Far East.WWF will focus its activities on anti-poaching efforts in critical tiger sites.WWF will build political will in tiger range countries to protect and connect tiger habitats on a massive scale, and clamp down on tiger trade.
Please Have A Look At Both Projects
10 Dollars Would Go So Far Please I Need Your Help
With Stop Deforestation Were Trying to reach our goal of 250dollars Please Help .Were trying to reach it by 25-12-10
December Vote
7 years ago
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Matt SAYS:
Sending out October Votes!!!…
Sending out October Votes!!! Good vibes and positive energy!!! Lets all be generous (in every way) this month!

Never before has man had such a great capacity to control his own environment, to end hunger, poverty and disease, to banish illiteracy and human misery. We have the power to make the best generation of mankind in the history of the world.-President John F. Kennedy

Snowflakes melt alone - but together they can be traffic stoppers!-Anonymous

Teamwork allows common people to attain uncommon results.-Anonymous

Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen.-Anonymous

Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.-Anonymous
8 years ago
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Katalina SAYS:
Heres an August vote for you…
Heres an August vote for you!!!
8 years ago
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Kwynn SAYS:
hey :) voting for you :) Ple…
hey :) voting for you :) Please check out my project Camp New Directions. It is a camp that provides a safe haven for kids to just be kids for a week and escape the troubles at home. All of the counselors are unpaid teen volunteers so we're trying to fundraise any way we can to make camp happen again next year. And we really need to because it's the 30th Anniversary of camp! Even spreading the word will do wonders :)
8 years ago
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Sarah SAYS:
Happy August! You got my vot…
Happy August! You got my vote :)
8 years ago
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Robert SAYS:
Keep up the great work! 7 …
Keep up the great work! 7 Continents Wildlife Society will be up and running in about 4 weeks. A great team dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of our Earth and everything on it. Here's an August vote.
8 years ago
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Sarah SAYS:
here's a july vote coming yo…
here's a july vote coming your way.. hope life is treating you well.. keep being awesome!
8 years ago
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Jessica SAYS:
Welcome to CR! Here's a good…
Welcome to CR! Here's a good luck July vote. What a wild looking picture! Did you design that?
8 years ago
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