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Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fun...

Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing'...
CROWDRISE : May 08, 2015
Tax ID: 47-3232427
BASED: Andover, OH, United States


Tipper and Squirt Care for C...

Tipper and Squirt Care

Tipper and Squirt Care For Cushing's Fund Inc.

This fund is In Loving Memory of Tipper and Squirt, who both suffered from Cushing's Disease.

This fund was born out of a depth of love and grief that defies language.  It is an endeavor in honor of our babies, Tipper Stalma and Squirt Richards, who suffered with Cushing’s, as well as all cush babies around the world, past, present, and future.  Through this fund and your help, our cherished girls, Tipper and Squirt, will live on with each cush pup we are able to assist.

The mission of the Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund, Inc. is to financially aid families who are struggling to pay their dogs' medical costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of this complex disease.


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