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TLC PETSNIP INC Tax ID 61-1647971


TLC PetSnip is a high quality, affordable Spay/Neuter & Wellness clinic. We are the only non-profit veterinary clinic in Polk County. Our mission is to stop the overpopulation and useless killings in shelters due to the lack of space.  We pride ourselves in high quality, affordable care for our patients.


Every donation received goes directly into our “Angel Fund” which is used to help clients spay/neuter their animals that otherwise would not have the means to do so.


Our Goals

Have no overproduction of pets in Polk County and the surrounding counties and assist other communities to reach this goal.

Educate and publicize the necessity of controlling the overpopulation of animals.

Inform and assist other communities in spay/neuter.

Provide financial assistance for spaying and neutering of pets for those in need

Assist feral cat trapping rescues for the purpose of spaying and neutering


Listed below some of the reviews/personal stories we have received from clients over the past 3 ½ years.


“So as you all know that my cat is a menace to society. Well my little menace decided he wanted to go and fly off the bed backwards... He hurt himself to the point that he bit me when i picked him up. I cant afford a $400 Vet bill so i called around... Marcum Animal Hospital laughed... Kathleen Animal Hospital straight out told me they cant see him at all. Then i called TLC Petsnips... Not only did they say they would see him but they also said all i had to pay was $7 for a Rabies Vaccine, as well they neutered him for free, and gave him an exam to see what he did to himself... I get to pick up my menace at 4:30pm... Tlc Petsnips is amazing and they really do care about animals and not just money. If anything today proved it.” –Alyssa Gonzalez


“They were able to help with kittens in the neighborhood. They also offered low cost spay and neuter. Very helpful a joy to work with.” –Cheryl Shaw


“Hello pet people,
this place CARES about you pet or should I say family member. they treat them like there in there family!!!!this is the best place in the area !!!to take care of your family member!!!!!” –Gail Bob


“Thank you Dr. McCutcheon and the staff at TLC.. you made this hard day a lot easier. The end of life for a family pet is so hard but your compassion and patience is more then appreciated” – Staci Davis


They've been so wonderful to us..... We've had our 3 siblings spayed & our last 2 males neutered all within the past few months. Our furbabies all are so much happier & never had a moments pain after surgery. None had any issues of any type. Everyone who works there at TLC is so loving & kind. Will be going back for upcoming needed shots on our other babies. –Stacey Sydenham


We rescued 2 male cats. After calling over a dozen places for neuter cost ( they were all over $200 for each cat) I found TLC Petsnip. They were fantastic in answering all of my questions over the phone. I was able to get an appointment within 2 days. The drop off was pretty quick even though when I arrived there were 7 people in front of me. They asked several questions about the cats. I went back at 3:30 (pick up time was 4:00) and explained I had an hour drive & was trying to avoid the 5 :00 traffic. They had me out the door in 15 minutes after going over after care and what to watch for. I was surprised to get a follow up phone call the next day to see how the cats were doing. I never got that from my old vets office that I used for years. I would highly recommend using them. The price was 1/3 of any of the quotes I received. They truly care about pets. Thank you to the staff of Petsnip!!! –Melissa Capozziello


All 9 of my cats have been here and I would recommend them to anyone ! <3>