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EVENT DATE: May 04, 2013

Travis Mara


I wish there were a good story that brought about my idea to run a 50 mile trail run.  I just kind of stumbled upon an ad for it one day and said to myself "That sounds like it would be a really good time".  Most people just look at me and stare when I say that, with a delayed reply of "Five-zero? Fifty miles!?".  Usually I just smile and nod my head. 

Over the past two years I've run a few 5k's, a couple half marathons and one full marathon in Big Sur, California.  My new found love of running definitely lies in running longer distances.   There's something in it that helps me shed any and all of my worries, at least for a little bit.  It's my disconnect. 

Training for a marathon was something I had never done before, or ever even thought I would want to do.  Growing up I was anything but athletic and my lack of interest in sports was matched by my effort.  So even now I shock myself after a good run and have a hard time believing that I was the one to actually finish it.  Nonetheless I do finish it and for some reason I can't seem to scratch the itch that my new past time has created. 

Anyway, the charity that I'm raising money for is called KarnoKids.  As a foundation, KarnoKids provides direct financial support to organizations and programs that are focused on improving the health and wellness of our youth and on restoring and preserving the environment and urban open-spaces for their ongoing use and enjoyment. They work with a select number of quality organizations and programs that sustain this vision in an accountable and quantifiable manner. Some of these include: Girls on the Run, The Conservation Fund, Inside the Outdoors and Action for Healthy Kids. 

The reason I wanted to work with this charity for my fundraising efforts is two-fold.  One reason being that I truly believe its an awesome thing that these guys are doing trying to promote health and wellness to kids today.  Most people that know me have heard me talk about some of the issues that this charity is hoping to curb.  Being able to help them achieve their goal while also attempting to reach mine is an amazing opportunity.  The second reason I chose this charity is because of my breif encounter with one of the groups head honchos, Dean Karnazes.  I met him while running my marathon in Big Sur.  Just shy of the halfway point between miles nine and twelve, theres a two mile uphill that runs along the coast.  I had read about it and seen pictures, but this was the first time that I was seeing it with my own eyes.  Looking up at it, I could already see people who moved off of the road so that they could walk for a bit and let their bodies rest awhile.  I didnt want that to be me.  I tucked in, shortened my stride and focused on my breathing.  A long 18 minutes later, panting my way to the crest of the hill, I felt a pat on my back and heard someone say "nice climb".  I looked to my left and it was Dean Karnazes.  I had already planned to take a short walk break at the top of this point, but having the opportunity to say that I ran with this guy probably wasnt going to happen again.  We said a few words and he continued on at a pace I couldnt keep up with.  Either way, it was enough encouragement to rid me of that painful hill for a little bit.  I ended up running this thing in its entirity, no walk breaks, nothing.  I feel like I owe him for that.




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