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Carolin Jesussek's Fundraiser:

To an Oustanding Young Woman

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EVENT DATE: Jul 18, 2017

Carolin Jesussek


This is the story of my best friend. Before she would tell you anything else, she’d let you know that she is from Alaska - and so, so very proud of it. Her College is in Maryland though. While that might seem like a long way, it has been a much longer one for her to get this far in her studies. She is twenty years old, has a 2-year-degree and a veterinary assistant's certificate in her pocket already. While studying, she works two jobs and studies with determination and to perfection until the early morning. This amazing person is Naomi, my best friend and roommate. She has never received any financial help from her family and still, she has pulled through and fought for getting her English degree until this point. Tuition is due in two weeks and $7.500 is missing to pay for the last year. While problems with paying tuition are not a new story by any means, this one truly is different. I have spent basically every moment with Naomi for the past year and she is the most determined and smartest person I have met. Ask her any question on any given topic and she will be able to tell you something intriguing about it (yes, this is a challenge). Her knowledge reaches from theories on how lightyear travel works, references to Greek mythology that she finds in a painting and rarely heard of facts about the behavior of dolphins. She also knows the language of flowers. If you get the chance, sit down for a cold lemonade with her and have a conversation you won’t forget so fast. You might be asking: why support someone who seeks to get an English degree? What is that good for anyway? Let me tell you. English majors are more empathetic and able to understand human emotions incredibly well due to all the different perspectives they see through while reading about the lives of others. This can shape you into an aware, compassionate and accepting person. In today’s times, how could we possibly say no to this kind of education? You might meet her at the vet’s office ready to help out your pet, at the library recommending you a novel from her display or somewhere on the Inside Passage of the Kenai Peninsula sharing her love for Alaska with you. Then you will, without doubt, see why I am writing this today and doing everything I can to help this amazing woman out. Thank you for letting me tell you this story of my best friend. Hopefully, you can help me write a beautiful ending to it for her graduation next summer. Best wishes to you, Carolin



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