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To Open Club Autism - A social community center for autistic individuals

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We are a group of Houston moms of children affected by autism. And we are overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve gotten from fellow parents as we fight to increase autism awareness and help children who are affected. We are now humbly asking for your support ($5, $20, $100, whatever you can spare) to help us make a crucial next step toward providing independence for autistic children in our great country.

Our Organization

We run a non-profit organization called AutismShare, aimed at increasing autism awareness and providing valuable resources to help autistic individuals lead independent lives. We are in the midst of opening a first-of-it’s-kind resale store/learning center in beautiful Woodlands, TX. Our vision is to provide a center where families can meet and share their autism experiences with others. But more important, we plan to offer a host of educational and training services to enable those with autism join the workforce. And this is where we need your help.

Our Challenge

‘Challenge’ is the proposed name of our flagship learning center. We are trying to secure a great location right in town, and are aggressively moving forward. We have received tremendous support from our wonderful community. People have donated time and energy to help us with renovation and design. We now need YOUR help so we can buy furniture, computers and other vital training materials. One of our initial plans is to partner with local supermarkets and other retail stores, to provide them with a skilled autistic work force.


Many people don't believe that Autistic people can function in the real world. In fact, only 7% of children with autism go on to lead independent lives. We intend to make a difference. Autistic adults have the potential to be productive members of our society and one of our goals at AutismShare is to see that potential put to use. We believe that our learning center can provide a safe place for people with autism to gather, shop, share, learn, love and grow.

Our overall goal, in a nutshell, is to provide a future for people with autism. BUT WE HUMBLY ASK FOR YOUR HELP. Won’t you please give whatever you can. Your tax-deductible contribution will be spent 100% on our autism ‘Challenge’. Thank you for your support..


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