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To stop parental alienation

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After being hospitalized from a panic attack when my attorney backed out the morning of the trial, the judge went forward with the trial in my absence. I lost sole custody of my then 6yo son to a father that had no part of his life. I had no funds to fight once this happened after spending everything I had, borrowing from friends and family who knew the Mom I was and the politics involved in losing custody merely due to the unlimited find of the father. I am only hoping to be able to hire someone to have reasonable visitation. My son is lost, confused, sad, suffering and simply has no idea how or why he is no longer with his Mom. Please help me show others that this battle against a purchased win for a parent who's goal is control, can be exposed and in some way, at least be heard. Children need their Moms and young children may and most likely will suffer the rest if their lives. I want to share a success with those parents wringkylosing their children in a legal system based on who can afford to continue to beat the other parent down emotionally, spirtually, and mostly financially. I've sold all I have, am losing my home, lost my car which has kept me from being able to get to my field of social work. My ex keeps me from access to my sweet boy and is teaching my son that money always wins. My son is changing in the care of his father but I still believe it's not too late. I believe with all my heart that children need both parents and need to know how much they are loved. I hope to utilize my experiences to counsel others to remain hopeful, faithful and strong. Sadly, without the help of legal assistance, there would never be even the smallest hope if justice for or little ones. Thank you for your support in advance. Any bit of help will be a treasure and give me, my son and other parents comfort and peace in knowing they have done all that they, we, can fir the sake of our children. God Bless all of those suffering this tragic experience and all those willing to help fight for justice.



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