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To become A person again

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hello , my name is star and im 13 tears old . my mom and dad got hurt in road accident and they was in a really hard situation. we are a small family from israel , I don't have any brothers and sisters and it was really hard for me to be alone in the begining . all the doctors said to me that the time will do his job and 2 days after , my mom woke up. I was the happiest girl in the world !!! but my dad wasn't wake up . at the begining I couldn't see mt dadbecause he was swollen and the doctors said to me that it will make me traumas . the time passed ' my mom got better but my dad still wasn't got up . 2 mounth passed and finelly my dad woke up he move a bit of his hand and all the damily was happy . when he got better , the doctors allow me to see him . it was the most amazing moment in the world . a fter 2 weeks my dad started to get really better so he went to rehabilitation canter and he started to talk . a few weeks after it , my mom moved too . they do many kinds of therapy , and they get better ! today ,the rehabilitation center want to release my mom evenshe can't do basic things like walk , drive , cook ..
i open this fundraiser because I think that the hospitals need to give all the time for the patients to heal and not realese before he can do basic things. because now , my mom cant walk or drive and I thinj that its really important to raise money to the hospitals so they could recovery the best as thet can.



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