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Skyla Spencer


My name is Skyla Spencer and I was named Ms. All World Beauties United States 2016, and 2017. I live in Nashville, TN. My platform is bringing awareness to Thyroid Disease. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease ~Hypothyroidism approximately 4-5 years ago, and it changed my life tremendously. I would describe myself as a dreamer, and go-getter, I have always went for the big visions I have in life for myself. I was once vibrant, singing and performing all the time around the US and overseas, and had my dream right in front me. Things were booming. Then one day I found myself doing nothing beyond everyday work. My singing voice disappeared for a few months and I was exhausted all the time. Symptoms were showing, but doctors did not start treatment until sometime later. When more symptoms started showing blood work was done again and I tested positive for Hypothyroidism. Some symptoms were I gained weight for no reason, my hair was thinning out and eyebrows, I was cold all the time, noticed memory loss, migraines, chronic insomnia and I became depressed. Thyroid Disease effects every single cell in your body and impacts your way of living. It is called the silent disease because you can't see it. I know how silent it is, because up until a year ago I was in a deep brain fog. Changing my medicine and seeing an Endocrinologist helped save me and make a difference. I did not know how bad I was until I changed medicines and felt the difference. I actually felt motivated to do things again. I am not cured from Thyroid Disease, but the bran fog is far less taking the Armour medicine. You can follow my stories on the pages below for more about Levothyroxine and Armour. I have launched two Facebook pages for support -Together We Fly-Thyroid Awareness and Support, and a closed group, Thyroid Awareness & support Group-Nashville, TN. This page is available for those wanting more personal support, and to give people a place to discuss their issues openly and free of judgement. Thyroid Disease is often coupled with a stigma. People think you are just lazy which is the furthest from the truth. I am vegetarian, teach dance six-eight hours a day, I am very active, and still ,loosing the weight is a struggle. This campaign I am launching, "Together We Fly" , is very important to me because I want people to know you are never alone. I know first hand how this disease robs you of your life. It robbed me. I want to change the stigma, educate others, and be a support to everyone who suffers with this disease. People ask me why "Together We Fly"? I named my campaign "Together We Fly" because your thyroid is a butterfly shape , butterflies ~ fly, and we are in this together. Join me in the fight against Thyroid disease and let's make a difference in the community and all over the world.



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