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MYTEAM TRIUMPH's Fundraiser:

Freedom for Owen



THE STORY: is thrilled to help ensure Owen can soon roll with the wind in comfort in his own Freedom Push Chair! 

With your generosity, we are certain this can happen soon!  As the father of two very special girls that race together with me,  I know that the positive energy surrounding the start line, the togetherness of every member preparing to "roll with the wind", the fearlessness of the athletes, the normalcy of the family, and the love we all have for each other is a therapy like no other.  

A message from Owen’s Mom:

We would love to obtain a Freedom Push chair for Owen and it looks like it will be a great fit for him.   Given his size and need for room to grow, the Freedom chair is perfect! And to be honest, it will be perfect for me too!  As much as I want this chair for Owen, I also want this chair for us.  I know that going out for a run with Owen in the early morning hours will completely change my attitude, outlook, and give me something to which I can look forward doing with him when he wakes up before the rest of the household.  It will be something Owen can do that is fun and productive for both of us.  I believe it will be life changing for our entire family and I'm so excited just thinking about it!  I don't want to ask for donations, but I am, and thank you for reading this message.  I also want to thank Ainsley’s Angels and Team Hoyt for sharing their inspiring journeys with us, we are forever grateful and feel less isolated knowing that WE CAN go for a run together. 

Thank you, Molly and Owen

YES, YOU CAN, click the orange button in the upper right of this page or e-mail for a link to make a donation using PayPay and/or for a mailing address should you prefer to donate by check. We will ensure all donations appear on this page as off-line donations. 

Another way to help, is to spread the word of our message and efforts:

1. Visit and click on the "Born An Angel" tab year old sister and donate it to a local elementary school library! Proceeds go to the Ainsley's Angels Foundation.

2. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @ainsleys_angels

3. Lastly, we invite you to enjoy this USA TODAY Video Story:  



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