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CROWDRISE : Oct 11, 2010
Tax ID: 38-3193629
BASED: Lansing, MI, United States



Our Mission

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Most of us have heard the expression, “one of the worst things in life is losing a child” – yet we really don’t know. Those of us who aren’t parents may not and probably won’t until we have a child of our own to care for, teach and love. We hear the gut wrenching stories and imagine their heartbreak but it’s impossible to put ourselves in their shoes.

“The pain of losing my son is with me every day.  Though my family has been supportive they can’t relate to my pain, because they haven’t gone through this.”

What may come to you as a surprise; is that the United States ranks #169 globally in infant mortality rate or the number of children who die before their first birthday. Last year in Michigan alone, 800 babies did not survive to age 1 and nearly 1,000 were either stillborn or miscarried. This places Michigan in the top 15 states with the highest infant death rate. What’s more is the number of people left behind and forever changed by their child’s death.

How can we change this? With your support.

We hear over and over again from parents who tragically find their way to Tomorrow’s Child, that the information and support we provide comes at “just the right time”. When others have turned away, we step in to give hope to those who are struggling.

“The death of my daughter changed the core of who I was and transformed me into someone unrecognizable to many that knew me.” –Anonymous

How can we help grieving parents regain a sense of normal? With your support.

With your help, we can ensure that families around the state are able to receive hope and healing through the grief services offered by Tomorrow’s Child. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in the Art Van Charity Challenge. A gift of $135 provides a family - Conversations with a Grief Specialist, Support Groups, the Healing Journey and Family Events & Activities.

"With the help of Tomorrow’s Child and our grief counselor, we were able work through our grief. Although the pain is always there and will never go away, we’ve been able to move forward with our lives.”– Cathy and Roger Hurst

#HopeForTomorrow is an amazing opportunity to save the lives of those touched by unfortunate loss. It means more than simply keeping a Michigan non-profit's work alive. It's hope for mothers, fathers, relatives and friends. It's keeping hope alive for those who cope daily in silence, and helping them learn their grief doesn't need to go unheard. Join us as we work to give every grieving family #HopeForTomorrow. 

Tax ID: 38-3193629 •


Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

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20% Raised of $15,000 Goal