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April 24, 2012

Hey! I just created my first FUNDRAISER! I'm quite excited, but not as excited as when I'll see that first donation POP UP! I'm Waiting!!!  See more
Tom Graber


This is a Fundraiser to well ... I'm going to say raise funds. This is a wonderful charity that I support (but aren't they all) where the visionary founder Christel De Haan makes sure the entire donation process makes a difference. Why? WHY? Well all the money donated goes to the kids. But what about buying Staplers? NOPE. None of the money goes to administrative costs.

Christel House is a charity that runs schools in disadvantaged communities that help the brightest children to learn skills that they'll need for their entire lives. AND they the go back out and teach others in the community, spreading the goodwill and ability to help raise themselves out of poverty, without becoming reliant on handouts.

How cool is that? I've been to visit the schools personally, and I've been involved with the charity since I was 11 years old. Its never too late to start though!

I know many people cant give much money, especially the young people (like me!) However, you can provide us with an even more valuable commodity. TIME. if you cant give money, give time! Help raise funds by creating your own fundraising campaign, or just doing a good ol' fashioned bake sale :) Every Little Helps! although obviously a lot helps more!

Also, if you've read this much, good for you! I personally want to thank you! Email me at

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