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to help children connect mathematical concepts through music theory and instrumental play. Students discover and practice fraction concepts, critical thinking, and problem solving through music. Tax ID 27-2951220


Five-year-old Erick started kindergartenat Allen Elementary School in San Bruno in 2009. He’s a wonderful, shy boy who listened to his teacher with greatinterest.  He loves music, but his parents did not have the time or ability to take him to private lessons.  Thankfully, his school provided Academic Music classes twice a week.  Since beginning the classes, Erick has learned to sing and play musical instruments & also explore basic mathematical concepts through music. His face lights up whenever the music teacher enters his classroom.  He is always excited to perform at the annual winter or spring concerts, and does so with joy.  Erick is also proud to show off his math skills to his parents. 

Our goal is to raise fund to Allen school, so more children like Erick, the boy you met at the beginning, can reap the benefits that our program provides. Our focus is on providing this opportunity to underserved student populations consisting of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The contributions we receive through each school’s support allow us to offer the program in districts that cannot afford it.