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My dentist told me on my last visit that people who are able to take care of their teeth and gums properly (i.e. are able to go to the dentist regularly), can live an extra 5-10 years longer than people who don't. For people without dental insurance (or even for some who do) this is an impossibility. She told me that your mouth health has been linked to many forms of heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's and more.

Having a healthy mouth is essential for good health, self dignity and of course your mental wellbeing (nothing worse than a bad toothache).

My dad (who has dental insurance) was told that he needed to get over $10k in work (not covered) to save his teeth from all falling out because of a gum disorder. He couldn't afford this and almost went to Mexico to get it done but it was still thousands of dollars in Mexico. He was forced to deal with it on his own. My mother (who doesn't have insurance, they are divorced) has had problems with her teeth for many years and was also told she needs thousands of dollars worth of work done as well. She is proud and strong women who raised two boys on her own and now has to deal with constant tooth pain and the indignity of having to pull out a dead tooth each time she eats and put it back in when she's done.

My great grandmother was one of the first woman dentists on the West Coast at the turn of the century. She was not able to find work in San Francisco (where she lived), because she was a woman, so she went to live on an Indian reservation (in northern california) where they appreciated and needed her skills. She made almost no money and allowed people to trade goods for her services. She knew the importance of a healthy mouth and wanted to help in any way she could. I grew up with the knowledge of how important a healthy mouth is and have been fortunate to have had insurance when I needed it.

Many people who have health insurance still don't have dental insurance. Of the few people who do have health insurance, even fewer have dental insurance. A lot of people deal with ongoing tooth pain on a daily basis and we need to help.

All the money that we raise will go directly to the people who need it the most.
The people with the most pain and the fewest resources. Together we can help let people sleep again, work without pain and live without the agony of pain.



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