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To remove humankind out of fossil fuels for good

Organized by: Bob Nikon

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This is a project designed to save Mother Nature as a whole. All of her elements should be conserved rather than being destroyed as of happening now.
We have striven to find the right fuel to feed the fire for generations. As a matter of fact we have to combust some materials in order to obtain energy. The combustion will keep on consuming those materials as we live on. So we have to find the material that lasts the longest. That is the reason we have to change the source of materials from time to time. Finally, we have found the fossil deposits such as coal, natural gas, shale, tar sand and crude oil. Each of them is abundant until some people may feel so secured as if we have found endless resources for energy. But the fact reveals a different story. With a progressive rate of energy consumption due to rapid population growth around the globe, it is inevitable and just a matter of time that we will have to face the depletion of these resources. This is still a long term negative effect.
At the mean time we have a pressing issue to deal with as far as the energy is concerned. It is sinister and pernicious to humankind all over the world. The unfair situation where some people who just happen to occupy the natural resource. The rich natural resource like crude oil that people around the world need for their energy therefore, they have to pay for the oil. The money from all over the world has increasingly flooded into their hands. This has been going on for decades that the rate of oil consumption has increased due to the fast growing numbers of human population.
Obviously, the money has fallen into the wrong hands that's why we see the chaos overseas. The confluent streams of money have become the fuel for those people who have never had respects for humanity to drive their ominous agendas. Now they have reached the point where they have so much money power, giving them the leverage to terrorise the world. This is a threshold to a disaster. The situation is deteriorating as we continue to consume this crude oil. We keep stoking a proverbial fire as a clock is ticking. There are no solutions to this problem except bloodshed on the ground in which nobody is willing to do. Fighting with them will be an uphill battle. Even though we will win the fight but we will not be able to come home and live peacefully. We have to be there baby sitting them for as long as we depend on crude oil that they are sitting on. Looking at Iraq war as a lesson to learn and that was not a one time event that We have spent money, lives that much and accomplished NOTHING. It was a hefty price to pay as we move on the wrong track. Now they come back with different kinds of threat and more heinous than before. If we go in trying to kill them, the outcome will be the same again. Should we keep moving on the wrong track?!?!? when there is the right one at our reach? The best solution is to cut their main blood vessel by making crude oil worthless.
It is time to remove humankind out of fossil fuels for good. This will bring them down on their knees because the demands for oil dwindling. So they won't have enough money to fire up their radical ideologies.
I have discovered a concept to manipulate the power of interactions between air and water in our surroundings and encapsulated this concept into a working system. The perpetual-motioned machine that can generate electric current every minute around the clock anywhere on this planet regardless the weather conditions at any given locations. Further more, there are technically no running costs because this apparatus is driven by the most powerful, reliable and costless forces in the world, gravity and buoyancy. This concept ultimately becomes a powerful tool to remove the roadblock for hydrogen production.
Good things that hydrogen can do are nothing new to our knowledge but hydrogen production has hit the roadblock and died on its track, going nowhere for decades. It requires a significant amount of electric current to extract a usable amount of pure hydrogen out from water. So it is too costly to use electric current from burning fossil fuels. On the other hand, free electric current from renewable technologies available today can not produce hydrogen enough to fulfill our growing demands for consumption. So hydrogen becomes inadequate to serve our needs as a result. Here is when this concept plays a major role to remove this roadblock. Now that we have ample supply of free electric current to produce hydrogen endlessly by electrolyzing water. Water can be from any available sources thus hydrogen production is technically costless. Since the apparatus can generate ample supply of electric current consistently to produce hydrogen, thus hydrogen can be produced even greater amount to ensure the fulfillment of our growing energy needs.
This is a right track for our energy as if we can shoot down three birds with one stone:
-To eradicate the pressing issue that we are facing now for good and we can have full control over our lives.
-To stifle our beloved planet from being polluted by carbon waste because this new concept creates energy for humans with no effects on environment at all.
-To pursue the preferred lifestyles on costless and endless energy.
The outcome of this path is even more festive since we now enable to recycle water, the most abundant element on earth to facilitate all of our energy needs. We start off by splitting water molecules for oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen is released into the air but hydrogen is kept in pressurized tanks for heating, hot water system, cooking and fueling our vehicles. The existing ones can be converted to be hydrogen propelled vehicles. When hydrogen is used as a fuel, it is forced to cohere with oxygen in the air forming water molecules and being released back to earth. Now that we have ample supply of free electricity and hydrogen, we can transform our lives from being mainly reliant on carbon footprint to be entirely extricated from it. Hydrogen fuel is practically benign for natural elements that nurture our lives from its production all the way to consumption. There will be no worries of depletion to this energy because we obtain our energy by recycling the source of energy(water), unlike fossil fuels that we consume the sources of energy so there will be depletion at some point of time, not to mention about pollution being emitted to our surroundings as we live on.
Additionally, we now enable to decentralize our energy structure which would eradicate problems we are facing from time to time on centralized energy that we now depend on. Because of this concept that allows us to do so. People around the world enable to produce free electricity and hydrogen for their energy needs in their homes.
This project is designed to remove humankind out of fossil fuels for good by giving them the reliable, clean, costless and endless energy. All it takes is a financial support for this project. A small donation from every one of us can lift this project off the ground and turn around our planet that we love onto the right path.

Plans to Spend the Donated Money:-
-$ 500,000 will be spent on a single family property on Long Island, New York including tools and equipments necessary for the project. This property will become a model of self-sufficient home when it's all said and done available for public awareness. All identified donors will be notified.
- The other $ 500,000 will be spent on the operating costs to build the prototype, labor costs, materials, independent contractors, softwares and legal expenses including the set up for mass production to serve all of us.
All identified donors will be kept up to date as soon as the project is launched and since you are in part to make this project possible, you will receive the discount to own this all-in-one energy creator on your property.
The prototype needs only one year timeline to be built. There are no more researches needed to find the "know how". It is ready to fire up like a rocket on the launchpad. So let's congregate and make it happen for our own causes.


Organized by

Bob Nikon

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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