To Rescue My Love

Organized by: Markus Powell

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To begin, feel free to message me with questions. I lack a Facebook as of writing this, and doubt it would be of much help just to create one for this. Merely message and I shall be glad to give what details you desire.

This is for a very selfish reason, I suppose. I have no idea how this site works, but I truly need a solution to this issue; though I asked for a bit of clarification as to whether I can see help on this site, I do not think that I can wait. The problem is as described above, but allow me to go into detail: if this is a problem, I am sure that I shall be told as such.

Now, I have been involved with a lovely woman for nearly one year. We met online and she has visited me as often as possible. We are bother quite close. The issue is, though she is twenty, she is still at "home." She works for her mother as a "Homemaker," essentially caring for her. The problem is that her mother's problems are the occasional seizures, and asthma--the latter seeming to be due to her smoking. The woman seems to not really need to be cared for, until she decides to binge on pain medication, or truly illegal substances. She controls her daughter's pay, and often uses threats of firing her as a way to control her. She has a habit of stealing money from her daughter to support her various vices. This would be bad enough--to use threats and intimidation to keep your daughter at home so that you can merely keep yourself drugged out--but it does get worse.

She is wretchedly abusive. She calls her daughter painful, horrible things. She calls her worthless, unlovable. She endlessly uses her as an excuse as she tries to scam others for more pain medication. She has beaten her in the past. She screams and rants in the most horrific ways--mind you, this always comes out of no where. She has her moments of kindness, yet will suddenly turn abusive at a moment's notice. The drugs make it worse. That, and she allows her horrid living conditions: bed bugs are common, yet only my love had to go four months with no mattress. A massive ant infestation is going untreated. My love can only do so much, as she only earns so much. To have to take care of the household when all of her mother's money goes to drugs is no where near proper. The abuse runs deeper, however.

When my love was younger, her mother would send her into very dangerous situations: to speak with older men, alone. Had her stay with a stranger with no warning. Once tried force her to marry a much older man when she was just sixteen; the woman allowed him to move in and her forced himself onto my love. Needless to say, hearing all of this causes my blood to boil. This woman treats her daughter like dirty, wastes money on drugs and booze, barely pays for bills and food, and just neglects things.

The main issue is that I made an utter mess of my life. I only just began school and stay on campus. I have nothing to use to help her with, but I cannot allow this kind of treatment to continue. No person should have to endure such things. I simply wish for her to get out of that house, relocate somewhere that shall finally allow her to have a proper life, and finally cut ties with that woman, and know that there is hope in this life. I shall give as much detail as possible, but I just cannot stand by any longer, even if it means turning to the rest of the world to help someone who matters so much to me. My thanks for reading this, and my apologies for making this so grim.


Organized by

Markus Powell

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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