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March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa Fund the Mission's Fundraiser:

Tour de Vine 2015

March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa's Photo
March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa's Photo
March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa's Photo
March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa's Photo
March of Dimes - Midland/Odessa Fund the Mission


Meet Weston:


On October 4, 2012 I went to my doctor for a regular check up at 35 weeks and found that I was dilated 4cm.   My son, Weston Andrew, was born at 4:35 pm, I held him briefly and he was whisked away to the NICU.  I am a physical therapist in the same NICU he was taken to and I was in no way prepared for what would happen in the next few days.  Despite working with children in similar situations, nothing prepared me for the heartache and worry that goes with seeing my own child’s life in jeopardy.  I cannot tell you how helpless it feels to watch your child fight for their life alone in a hospital bed and you cannot hold them.


Little did I know at that time, that 3 years later I would be chairing Tour de Vine, one of the largest fundraisers of the year for the March of Dimes?


We spent 2 weeks in the NICU but it was after 3 days that we realized we were going to be there awhile. We were in denial and thought Weston would miraculously get better and we could take him home.  When reality set in, we knew the NICU would be our home and Weston’s home for a while.


As parents, we all want to do something for our kids.  Eventually Weston got better and went home and we have a healthy boy.  The great thing is that this story happens every day in the NICU.  It is a place where BIG people do small things for little people to accomplish BIG things.  From the smallest things such as providing markers and construction paper to make name signs for babies to the larger things such as discovering life saving lung medication to allow premature babies to survive, March of Dimes continues to support these premature babies and their families.  Without the help of March of Dimes, our story would have been very different.


As the 2015 Tour de Vine Chair, I hope you will stand with me in support of this wonderful organization that helps accomplish miracles everyday in the NICU. ~Natalie Watzl



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