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The Hussman Center for the Adults with A...

The Hussman Center for the Adults w...
CROWDRISE : Feb 22, 2014
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BASED: Towson, MD, United States


The Hussman Center for the A...

Towson University

The Hussman Center for Adults with Autism

The Hussman Center for Adults with Autism brings together Towson students and young adults on the autism spectrum to create a mutually-rewarding learning environment. Social, educational and fitness programs support student learning and adults with autism as they develop the tools needed to lead meaningful lives as engaged members of their communities. New programs addressing work and life skills are being developed, allowing students at Towson to work with adults on the autism spectrum.

Through this Center, more than 250 experiences have been created for autistic adults to participate in fun, social activities like art classes and drumming movement—as well as specialized training in language skills and personal fitness. As a result, many adults exhibit an increase in social interaction, wellness and community involvement.

More than 300 mentorship experiences have been created for Towson University students at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism. Students learn best practices for working with adults on the spectrum and complete applied interdisciplinary research projects. Students who have participated consider this a life-altering experience, and many decide to go on to careers working in the field of autism where they will have the skills to support individuals on the spectrum and can help advocate for accepting workplaces and communities.


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