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EVENT DATE: Jan 13, 2012

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Trademark Church and Zambia needs your help!   We ask that you join us in faith and prayerfully consider making an investment in your Boise family.   All requested monies would go 100% towards the purchase ($300,000) of the building we currently meet in on Sundays and towards the funding of an orphanage in Zambia.   History of Trademark: In the fall of 2007 God moved the Gilbert’s to Boise Idaho to plant the Gospel and ask God to grow a church. Because we parachuted into Boise, we took the first year to learn the city we were called to reach. God led us to start a nonprofit community website and thought this opened up many doors for the gospel and also used this opportunity to give us amazing insight to the needs and people in Boise. In the Fall of 2008 we started the process of building a core and in the Fall of 2009 we launched our Sunday gathering in the basement of a local hotel. In Aug 2010 we prayed and fasted as a community and ask God for three things –  
  1. A building and/or a physical space that was more central and strategic.
  2. To connect us to the other local churches and other networks in our valley/region.
  3. To send us church planters or raise them from within because we wanted to be a church that plants churches.
In Oct 2009 God did all three of those things. He opened the door up for us to gather in a older church building in the heart of the downtown neighborhoods we are called to reach. God also connected us with local churches and pastors and the CBNW family. God also sent 4 different church planters to our door steps and we have trained and sent out 3 of the 4 planters and they are leading new church plants in our city and valley.   In Jan of 2011 our lease ended with the current space we are in and building owners put the building up for sale. They said that God had been leading them to dissolve their small church and take all of the proceeds from the sale of the building and build an orphanage in Zambia. They have been working towards this project in Zambia for over 10 years and have the missionaries connections and their eye on the land they want to purchase.   We were not able to qualify for a loan and felt that God was instead leading us on a faith journey that would require us to “go all in” and ask the Boise family to give sacrificially and ask God to call others outside of Boise to join the faith journey. We entered a lease purchase that required $5,000 down but no monthly rent payment. The terms of this lease require the full amount of the purchase price at closing on Jan 31, 2013 and there is no option for the owner to carry the note. We set the goal of 300k by Jan 31,2013 and asked the Trademark family to fast, pray and give.   Summary of the need: Currently we have about $116,000 on hand and if we “cashed all in” with all our accounts we would have about 148K. We have reached out to CBNW, applied for a grant, and were awarded $30,000. Praise God! This grant has created great momentum in this final push which could result in $200,000 or more on hand by the last week of Jan 2013. Realistically not everyone will be able to give and not all that give will give the same amount… But Jesus tells us, “we have not because we ask not”.   A building and/or a physical space that was more central and strategic. To connect us to the other local churches and other networks in our valley/region. To send us church planters or raise them from within because we wanted to be a church that plants churches.   A call to join us in Faith: Some might ask, “what about a loan?” Since we didn’t qualify for a loan when we started this journey we felt that God was asking us to trust Him to provide for the building and orphanage debt free. We know it’s crazy that a church with about a 100K /yr budget would think that we could raise 300K in about 6 months… but we believe God can do it. We have prayed and sacrificed given over $116,000 above tithes and offerings. Now we invite you to ask the Father how He can provide for your church to be a part of this faith journey.   Impact of your investment: God is building Trademark into a hub church beyond our means. In 2013 we no longer receive monthly support from our sending churches and we now give 25% of our budget towards church planting and mission. Already we have trained up and sent out another Trademark planter and core team in Nampa Idaho and we have been a part of the training and sending of three other local plants. God has given us favor in our city and we host a monthly church planter lunch and another church planter training each month. There are 8 -10 church planters that we are influencing and leading in our valley… all with the goal of leading gospel communities on mission. We also use the building to host a valley wide leadership lab where we consistently have over 30 leaders from several different churches attend. We focused that training on leading a movement of churches to saturate our valley with gospel communities on mission. So it goes with out saying that this building would have a huge local impact as a headquarters of this movement and is essential towards not only reaching the downtown Boise neighborhoods but to extend into the valley.   A local note of impact: since we started gathering in this building we have grown from a church of 30 to a church of 150+. Our monthly budget has grown from $2500 to $10,000+ and we now give 25% of that towards church planting and missions. We have multiplied our gospel communities from 2 to 8. We have grown from one gathering in Boise to another Trademark plant in Nampa. We also plan to plant again in Boise this year.   A global note of impact: All the money from the building purchase goes to fund an orphanage in Zambia. There are over 1.2 million orphans in Zambia and over 98,000 people die of aids each year in Zambia. Because of the outbreak of aids the total number of orphans continue to grow. What an amazing door God has opened and how incredible is it that the local impact of buying this building also funds an orphanage in Zambia and helps to meet this global need.



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