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Trail Wag Fun Day - "Going to the Dogs"

Trail Wag Fun Day -
Trail Wag Fun Day -
Trail Wag Fun Day -
Trail Wag Fun Day -
Trail Wag Fun Day -

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 12, 2016

What do DOG PARKS and the "SAVE THEM ALL" mission have in common?  Lots!  PAWS (Palmetto Animal Welfare Services, Inc.) and Aiken County PRT (Parks, Recreation and Tourism) are teaming up to show how much Aiken County rural communities value their pets.  

Together, WE are going to rally folks around their love for their families, their pets, and their communities. Together, WE are going to have fun and raise a lot of money for our rural communities and worthy causes.  

Together, WE are going to build DOG PARKS around the county, everywhere there is interest and need.  Together, WE are going to have family events, youth art and performances, dog classes, adoption events and funds for affordable, accessible SPAY/NEUTER (even for cats!) and essential veterinary care for economically challenged households.

There are many, many ways to get involved with the fun:

  • Raise money for your favorite cause with the Trail Wag Hike;
  • Be a vendor at the Trail Wag event(s);
  • Be a sponsor and have your name paraded around for as long as the T-shirts are wearable;
  • Come to the Trail Wag and eat, play, and learn! Have FUN!

Together we CAN take pride in what WE can accomplish!

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