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JOI 1st Annual Train-A-Thon

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March 20, 2011

13th year of JOI, 13 Fellows, $13,000!  See more


EVENT DATE: Apr 15, 2011

Jewish Organizing Initiative


In the 13th year of the Jewish Organizing Initiative, 13 Fellows are sharing our organizing experience by training 130 storytellers. This year as part of our leadership development training, we've honed the art of telling our stories--about why we care about social justice, why we're taking action, and what drives us. We've learned that storytelling is essential for relationship building and movement building, and we've experienced the powerful effect it has in our work. 

We want to spread the organizing skills we've learned far and wide, so we've embarked on a Train-a-thon! Help the JOI fellows reach our goal of training 130 new storytellers by raising $13,000 to support the Jewish Organizing Initiative.  The donations pledged will continue to sustain the organization that has developed leaders and organizers for 13 years.

Our campaign

So far, we have trained:

16 storytellers at The Boston Skillshare

10 storytellers at Jewish Vocational Services

17 storytellers at Smith College

20 teens at Gann Academy

Quotes from evaluations of our workshop:

  • It was interesting to talk to other people and realize how fast and easy it is to connect to each other through personal storytelling.
  • [This training] helped me think about how to overcome burnout. It took me back to the roots of why I organize.
  • One of the most useful, well-facilitated workshops I’ve been to.

Pledge a flat amount of your choosing or pledge an amount per storyteller trained!




$.77 cents per storyteller-$100

$1 per storyteller = $130

$2 per storyteller = $260

$5 per storyteller = $650



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