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Training of Trainer DISASTER RESPONSE "Improving preventive Programs Nature Damage In Order To

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EVENT DATE: Oct 12, 2010

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Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. The results are very abundant natural wealth is then made colonialism attracted to dredge these natural resources. Forest which covers more than 39 hectares are the lungs of the world, so it can save water very much to biodiversity. While the condition of the state economy has not recovered due to economic crisis (monetary) and with a political crisis that eventually becomes a crisis of confidence by foreign parties to the social climate of economic and social politics in the homeland and distrust by the people against the holders of state power and economic actors .
As a result of the crisis directly or indirectly provides a tremendous impact on the lives of ordinary people as a whole, both the people close to power (the cities) as well as those far from power yag (villages). Were deemed sufficiently important consequence of this crisis is ketidakwibawaan legal in the eyes of the people and the low level of human resources, so that many violations occur without the repressive law that means.
The concept of development with the principle of growth (growth development) conducted so far have lead to the exploitation of renewable natural resources is difficult. For example, the logging is not oriented to the sustainability of ecosystems that tend to destroy (destruktive logging), whether done legally (illegal logging) or illegally (illegal logging), both in natural forests and production forests.
That need to be aware that damage to natural resources in the area or upstream events (on site) will affect other areas underneath or downstream (off site), such as floods that occurred in the downstream area is the impact of upstream regions of damage. Trouble is, the flow of flood water can not be isolated or restricted by administrative or political boundaries, but natural. Thus, the handling of natural disasters caused by damage to natural resources must be done by using natural boundaries, ie, Watershed (DAS) and bio-regional approach.
If listening to a disaster in East Java with intensity, escalation and continued to expand the disaster area that certainly should make the decision makers to make strategic moves and effective in the short and long term to cope with this disaster. Besides the capabilities and limitations of resources in a limited area is also very visible, ranging from the human resources that have not been trained, not just in understanding the management of Improving preven


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