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CROWDRISE : Jul 27, 2013
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Transform The Legacy

It’s time to move the needle from good to EPIC. Personalized instruction for all of our children. Effective communication with our children’s Teachers. Let’s keep our children engaged and ignited to think critically, innovate to problem solve, and take their passions to inspire them to learn deeper. Let’s get smarter together. It’s time to do it now.


Transform Our Legacy through Innovative Technology


Work smarter, deeper.  Create, make, innnovate, problem solve.  Collaborate.  We are creating a new legacy for Cold Spring Harbor Schools.  We like to collaborate with our District.  We need our Teachers.  Let's raise all of the money it takes to succeed.  We need to support our Teachers in this new era of learning.  It will only work if we teach each other and support each other.  Put the money to building 21st Century Learning capacity into our schools, teachers, parents and students.  

You want time spent using technology to be effective, imaginative, purposeful.  You want your child to have their own personalized learning plan that travels with them, so every Teacher and parent can see exactly what it is.  

Time goes by soo fast.  You want every minute in school to be engaging, inspiring, innovative.

What will you do to move us forward, from good to epic?

We are ready to begin.

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