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The mission of Transitions is to empower disabled Guatemalans through programs dedicated to rehabilitation, health education, social integration, vocational and leadership training, employment opportunities, and fabrication and distribution of mobility equipment. Transitions is committed to improving the quality of life of disabled Guatemalans who might otherwise lack access to the opportunities needed to become independent, productive, and successful members of their society. Tax ID 22-3749558


Mobilizing Guatemalans with disabilities through health, rehabilitation, education, spiritual development, leadership skills, social integration and employment.

At Transitions, we take a holistic perspective on “health” and recognize the myriad social factors that promote and/or impede the welfare of Guatemalans with disabilities. Thus, we believe health to mean more than merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but believe health to be a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. In this vein, Transitions advocates for the rights and social inclusion of Guatemalans with disabilities by not only focusing on health promotion in the conventional sense, but by also providing access to social development programs, mobility equipment and opportunities for independent living that promote human dignity.