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TreeHouse Inc

TreeHouse brings living hope to hurting teens, leading to life transformation. Tax ID 36-3287099


TreeHouse is a faith-based organization offering hope, guidance, and unconditional love to at-risk teens dealing with tough issues such as depression/suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, truancy, self-injury and sexual activity. Our balanced programs meet the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of at-risk teens. TreeHouse provides a safe environment and mentorship for teens to receive support, guidance and practical skills in making better choices today to live as healthy adults tomorrow.

At TreeHouse, long-term, committed, trusting relationships are formed. Teens care about what we know, because they know how much we care. We listen, affirm and support. TreeHouse is a place to have fun, meet friends, discover faith, overcome pain, serve others and be empowered by staff to succeed.

Teens experience grace at TreeHouse and are reminded they are lovable, capable, and worthwhile. Hope is realized when a teen understands their value has nothing to do with performance but instead is based on unconditional love and acceptance from God.