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Alicia Whiteford's Fundraiser:

Help Ian build an animal sanctuary and give thanks/tribute for all the things he does

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Alicia Whiteford


Alicia from Michigan here.

I'm a huge supporter of Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a lover of animals, and nature. I'm new to fundrasing, but I want to do more, be more involved with ISF, and so this is a step I'm taking, hoping to be a part of building that animal sanctuary, and ispire others to join in with me me.


I'd really love to exceed the goal I have set, and do more fundrasing for ISF in the future. Please join me!


This is my first fundraiser, on my own, in support of ISF. I'm really Hoping to get more people involed in ISF, including family and friends from Michigan. Please get involved and donate to ISF today, its truly an amazing cause, go check it out at and learn more. Lets help Ian build an animal sanctuary!


I created this fundraiser to give thanks or tribute to Ian for all the things he does. The foundation itself is just incrediable. Ian created it after the BP oil spil in the feeling of helplessnes, to never have to feel that way again, to be a voice for nature and animals, to give hope to others and inspire many. One of the major goals of the foundation is to build an animal sanctuary and farm, a safe home for misfit, neglected animals and to double as a youth learning center.


Ian's so intelligent and extreamly compassionate. He's even been to The White House, and met with President Obama to talk about the future, and plans for a cleaner, greener society, changing for the better. He just never stops doing and giving! Follow him on twitter and FB and you'll get a taste of all the things he's devoted himself to and is curently involved in. Trust me, you will want to be thanking him if you saw all the things he does for the envirement, society and animals. Donating a few dollars here and there, any amount that you can spare, even your spare change will make a big differance and add up.


Ian's always on the go, traveling the world and committed to so many great projects. Trying to better society through compassion for all creatures, and green technology, empowering people to change for the better, for our planet, and so on. He recently just won modle citizen of the year, that initself tells you something about him.


Need I mention how great he his to his fans? He goes to just about every single fan based event for The Vampire Diaries at all ends of the world. Attends countless charitiy events. He conects with fans through social media, he makes himslef availble often for interveiws and Q&A, he will stop what hes doing to let fans get pictures and sign autographs. This is a man who is a busy actor, modle and a founder of a foundation,, wow, how does he do it!?


Lets thank him, lets do this, donate today.


Please donate to this great cuase and show your appreciation. Give thanks to this wonderful man and his foundation, help make his vision and dream come true by getting that sanctuary built! Its a dream worth seeing lived out.


Thanks so much.


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Alicia Whiteford

Alicia Whiteford


Just doing a good deed by putting my little bit in to get this fundraiser going. Love and support ISF, please join me in donating. Want to see that animal sanctuary built and be a home to many animals. 5 years ago