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Trickle Up

Trickle Up works to create a world in which it is unacceptable for anyone to live in ultrapoverty. We provide the poorest and most vulnerable–the ultrapoor–with the tools to build livelihoods that grow their income, skills, savings and self-confidence. Tax ID 06-1043042



Founded in 1979 and a pioneer in the microenterprise development field, Trickle Up has over three decades of experience in successfully raising income levels of very poorest households around the world. In the past 3 years, Trickle Up has served 22,527 participants in India, West Africa and Central America. With an average of 5 people benefiting from each Trickle Up-supported enterprise, over 110,000 people will improve their quality of life as a result of our work this year. 98% of participants are women while 13% of participants’ households are affected by disabilities.
Reaching the poorest: Trickle Up serves those living in the depths of extreme poverty. The ultrapoor live in conditions characterized by chronic hunger and malnutrition, insufficient and irregular incomes, minimal assets, a high vulnerability to shocks such as climate change, and the need to prioritize consumption over investment. Historically marginalized and underserved by programs and policies, they are disproportionately women, indigenous and people with disabilities. 
Our program: Trickle Up’s poverty reduction strategy includes a one-time seed capital grant, called a Trickle Up Spark Grant, which provides our participants with the necessary startup capital to launch or expand microenterprises. We also provide highly structured business and livelihood training and facilitate the formation of community-based savings groups comprised of Trickle Up participants. Working together, these three components effectively boost household incomes and enable our participants to build a base of skill and capital to make continued progress out of poverty.
Women as the engine of economic progress: 98% of Trickle Up participants are women, both because women’s access to capital is often restricted due to social and cultural constraints and because they consistently direct economic resources toward household needs. Trickle Up provides a pathway toward economic and social empowerment, helping participants build financial independence, gain self-confidence, and take on larger roles in their households and communities. Our partners: We deliver our program through a large network of high caliber grassroots organizations that provide outreach and recruitment, training, administration of Trickle Up Spark Grants, support for savings groups, and follow-up monitoring. Training and capacity building for our partners is provided by our expert field teams, based at our regional offices in India, Burkina Faso, and Guatemala.
Measuring results: The impact of our work is measured in increased household incomes and savings, and improvements in quality of life such as food security. We are committed to the principle of accountability and have developed a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program that uses the most current industry-standard measurement tools to collect quantitative and qualitative data.
An Organization You Can Trust: Trickle Up receives high marks for effectiveness from charity watchdog groups including the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and Independent Charities of America. In 2012, Charity Navigator awarded Trickle Up four stars for accountability and transparency, while gave Trickle Up a Top-Rated Nonprofit Award on the strength of donor reviews.