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Trinity Concepts Inc.

Trinity Concepts Inc. is filed under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a Federal Grantee Funding Foundation which is a public non-profit charitable organization.

www.americanaid.org Tax ID 33-0614389


We act as grantee to public non-profit and for-profit commercial firms, students, charitable associations, religious foundations and scientific research projects for the procurement of public and private grants as well as obtaining funds through donations from the public. 

Our corporation offers assistance in locating and obtaining funding for innovative projects and programs that have the preservation of our planet and the welfare of our children as their goals.  We at Trinity Concepts Inc. feel that positive change can and will produce a better world for our children if everyone participates in their own way.  You can donate your time money or even your old clothing or
start your own project. 

Our purpose for creating this site is to obtain funding for all forms of charitable concerns.  All accrued profits are distributed as needed to our associated charities  while offering the best in business opportunities.
Please join us in our efforts to achieve our many goals, so that we may truly become The Heart of the Business Community
Together we can all reach our goals.  All donations are federal and state tax deductible.  YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS HELP SUPPORT
non-profit organizations and associated programs.