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CROWDRISE : Nov 07, 2013
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BASED: New York, NY, United States



LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Our mission is to help homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ*) youth and young adults in New York City to safely transition out of the shelter system and grow into independent, positive, and productive adults. Trinity Place Shelter is a non-sectarian, 10-bed transitional shelter that is open all year to provide LGBTQ youth/young adults with a safe place to sleep, eat, store belongings, have access to transportation, individual/group counseling, and additional independent living supportive services. Through strong local community partnerships, we are able to provide access to comprehensive health services, case management, education, career counseling, art classes and mental health services. All youth referred to Trinity Place have been identified as interested in, or are actively seeking, employment or schooling. We provide a unique, home and family-like environment where the youth receive the respect, individualized care, and basic services so often denied them. There are as many as 8,000 LGBTQ youth/young adults currently living homeless in NYC** and only 250 beds or fewer that are specifically available for this population. These youth often experience abuse and trauma in other shelters and on the streets. Our goal is to expand our program to provide homeless LGBTQ youth with the basic services and skills necessary to make independent living a reality, and to make a positive difference for as many as possible in the midst of this crisis. * The “Q” can mean or “queer" or “questioning'" depending on individual preference. ** National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "Fact sheet: Homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth in New York." .January 30, 2007.

Currently, it is estimated that there are as many as 8,000 homeless LGBTQ homeless youth/young adults in NYC. The vast majority of these youth/young adults are Latino or African American.

Some of the youth/young adults have been rejected by their families elsewhere and find their way to NYC, while many others are from NYC itself. A clear majority of the youth/young adults from NYC are from low-income, underserved communities of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Harlem.

The youth/young adults are at high risk of suicide, HIV/AIDS, abuse, violence and trauma. The youth/young adults are vulnerable and this is a critical time to intervene and support their exodus from chronic homelessness and worse.

Your donation to Trinity Place Shelter can provide:

laundry money for clean clothes
toiletries & personal items
access to public transportation
emergency medical transportation
durable fold-away beds
school/college textbook costs
birthday/holiday items

$8: Provides one youth laundry money for clean clothes for one week

$24: Provides toiletries for one youth

$29: Provides one youth a week of access to public transportation

$50: Provides new clothes for one youth

$76: Provides emergency medical transport for one

$128: Provides one durable storage trunk and lock for one youth

$180: Provides food for 4 residents for one week

$232: Provides Metrocards for 4 residents for 2 weeks

$400: Provides one durable fold-away bed

$720: Provides food for 4 residents for one month

$1,328: Provides transportation, food and laundry for 4 for one month

$1,508: Provides one youth access to public transportation for the whole year

$1,680: Provides food for one youth for the entire year

Most safe shelters for these youth/young adults have a limit of 30 days or less and many do not allow youth over the age of 21. We recognize that 30 days or less is hardly enough time for a young person to gain the education and skills needed to find a job and housing.Those above the age of 21 are often underserved especially the many young people who have "aged out" of the foster care system. This is particularly true for LGBTQ youth, many of whom have suffered abuse and some of whom have had to turn to drugs and sex work to survive.

For these reasons, we have chosen to open and operate a transitional shelter where youth between the ages of 18-24 can stay as long as they are making progress toward their goals.



In the late fall of 2005, a call went out for churches and other religious bodies to open their doors to small groups of homeless LGBTQ youth and young adults for one week in the winter.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan responded and opened its doors that winter for three weeks.

Trinity began to consider a more sustained and significant response to the growing crisis of homeless LGBTQ youth and young adults in New York City.

We then worked with a network of interested others and the Interfaith Task Force for Homeless LGBTQ Youth to open a year-round transitional 10-bed shelter, Trinity Place Shelter, in June of 2006. In May of 2007, Trinity assumed sole responsibility for the shelter.

Why is a Church Doing This?

Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan has long sought to be a community of welcome and full inclusion for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, immigration status or sexual orientation. Trinity is also proud of its history of advocacy for LGBTQ rights within the church and the wider community.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan laments that mainstream religious bodies have been slow and reluctant to recognize and treat persons who identify as LGBTQ with full acceptance and respect. We are aware that LGBTQ persons are often treated with outright condemnation by those who cite religious reasons for their actions. Knowing that churches have contributed to this pain and oppression, we hope to contribute to liberation and healing through Trinity Place Shelter.

Members of the NYC community generously volunteer time and donate money and other resources to support the shelter; Trinity Place Shelter, however, is not a religious organization. It is non-sectarian and there is no proselytizing of any kind.

Tax ID: 94-3447082 •


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