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Empowering children suffering from kidney disease and their families through coordination of support, resources, advocacy, and financial assistance.


TRIPP Foundation will provide assistance, support and advocacy for children with chronic and/or acute kidney disease. Focusing our primary efforts on children receiving services from the Pediatric Nephrology Department at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

Kidney disease creates increased stress and burden on children and families due to lack of:
Financial Resources
Crisis Planning
Emotional Resources
Community Support

Remembering Tripp

In July 2009, Tripp Loy and his twin were born to Aaron and Alisha Loy. Tripp was born with chronic kidney disease and received a kidney transplant at the age of one year. The Loy family experienced firsthand the challenges of parenting a child with multiple chronic medical conditions; i.e. numerous clinic appointments, long hospital admissions, financial stress and scheduling conflicts.

Subsequent to Tripp’s month-long admission for transplant at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and Clinic, the TRIPP Foundation was created as a means of helping other families facing similar challenges. Devastatingly, in June of 2012, Tripp Loy passed away due to medical complications and an untreatable gram negative infection. 

Owing to their family’s background in and familiarity with social service resources, during Tripp’s medical treatment, his family’s needs were met through assorted local community groups from which they solicited support. These groups provided crisis intervention, financial support, home care services and love. 

In 2012, the Loy family assembled the TRIPP Foundation Board of Directors, made up of individuals with multi-faceted experience in healthcare, financing, and service delivery, i.e. medicine, social work, patient advocacy, insurance and community services. This group was assembled to work together to help the families of children with kidney disease to meet their needs in culturally sensitive, healthy, and supportive ways.

TRIPP Foundation
PO BOX 726
Bettendorf, IA 52722