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Trout Lake Nature Center Inc.

Educating Minds to Change Hearts Tax ID 59-3039878


The Trout Lake Nature Center is a truly amazing place in the little town of Eustis. Its full-time manager and one part-time staff member and its many volunteers silently chant “I know we can” as they accomplish the seemingly impossible—working to educate, protect and conserve.

Trout Lake Nature Center encompasses 230 acres that house a nature center and museum, surrounded by a network of trails that meander through a variety of upland and wetland habitats. A boardwalk leads to a covered dock on Trout Lake, where wildlife viewing is rewarding at all hours, especially when scores of shorebirds arrive at, or depart from, a nearby rookery.

Finishing 30 years in operation, TLNC has educated over 100,000 people in the past 4 years with a variety of programs and activities for students, youth, families and the communities of Central Florida. A people become more disconnected from nature, we are seeing this disconnection in poor health, mental stress and lack of concern for others. TLNC strives to make nature connections to help improve both our mental and physical health while creating understanding and knowledge about the environment and humans impacts on it.

Monthly programs include:

  • Friday Night Naturalist Speakers Series
  • Third Saturday Concerts (folk music)
  • Nature Sprouts for preschoolers
  • Chair Yoga and other health-related activities
  • Bird walks and guided hikes.
  • Special events such as Turtle Day, Trails and Treats, Lights in the Woods, Mothing and more.

Come visit one of nature’s gems.