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Making voting systems open source to increase accuracy, transparency, verification, security, and ensure ballots are counted as cast. Tax ID 20-8743186


The mission of the OSDV Foundation is research and education in the design, development, and fostering of standards for accurate, trasnparent, verifiable and more secure elections technology.  The result will be a framework of open source elections technology freely available for any jurisdiction to adopt, adapt, and deploy for public elections.  We use the principles of open source development and high assurance systems in a meritocratic environment at the TrustTheVote Project.  This is an imperative project to ensure integrity and restore trust in our public elections, and reduce if not eliminate the troubles with voting machinery.  The means by which we cast and count our ballots is tantamount to "critical democracy infrastructure" and as such cannot be a blackbox.  Success of this project can restore trust in how America votes.