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Trying to build a better future for myself.

Organized by: Ron Hewitt

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This asking people for help is very new to me and its been a very humbling experience so please bare with me. My name is Ron and I would like to build a more high end pc for video editing and graphic production. I listed this as an educational purpose. My reasoning is because I'm teaching myself about everything related to pc content creation. I don't want to give you guys my life story but I have been a diabetic since I was an 11 month old baby. I found out when I went into a diabetic coma and my mother took me to the hospital because I had been really sick for that previous week and unable to hold down food. Believe it or not this is all true. Well fast forward 36 years I've done a lot of growing and always done well with diabetes things were a little harder as I got older of coarse but Ive managed it well. Unfortunately I was in a car wreck 15 months ago and I was the passager. I was in a 1990 ford escort station wagon..." i know right..", and my driver unfortunately didn't make it. If I told you guys where and what hit us you really wouldnt think I was being scincere, but I'd gladly show pictures of me and my leg to anyone but the rest is pretty personal I hope you guys understand. But I can show the car. I know that's what gets a crow going. I appologise, and I'll digress. So my left tibia and femur were shattered and I've been going back and forth between a wheelchair and crutches for the last year and a half and I've had a rod put in my left forearm, my thigh and shin, and pins put in my wrist, knee, and ancle and there was of coarse a lot of recovery compilations because of diabetes and my endocrinologist feels they should have just taken off my left leg because i have very limited movement in my left hip and knee. So I've been feeling stuck here for the past 7 or 8 months untill I was able to re-learn how to move my wrist and wishing I could work. I was upset one night and i prayed for a way to not let my mind go to waste, and If i can still use my hands what should I do? Ive been watching terry crews help his son build a pc for playing video games and ive never much been a fan of games but terry crews seel so enthusiastic about it i cant help but admire it. Ive been getting more and more interested in pc gadgetry. Ive been doing something with my brain finally haha and then the other night I found an old frozen dvd case and thought that's what I could do with a pc I can't believe I hadn't thought of it yet. Ever since my accident I've been on a very tight fixed income and only have about 15-25 bucks extra every 2 weeks after paying my bills. Now I do save my money but it's very hard to save more than my change here and there. That's where I humbly ask that if anyone still reading this has been in my position or anyone who understands what I'm going through if you would please send me 1$ or even 50 cent i woud greatly appreciate it. I humbly ask for help to be able to make my own living again and not have to lived off of state fixed income cause it's pretry demoralizing feeling like you can't do much to help youourself.


Organized by

Ron Hewitt

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