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We got Tori in the Spring of 2013. Well actually, to be perfectly honest, my wife told me I could have a third dog if I had a cage. She said this thinking that I would have to "buy" a cage before I could buy a dog. I didn't go out looking for a dog right away. I was not sure what kind I even wanted. As I was homeschooling one day there was a knock at the door. I answered to find a neighborhood kid with a small puppy in her arms. She asked me if there was anyone I knew who wanted a dog. I asked her if she found it and she told me a kid was abusing it and she took it from him. I asked if the parents were around and she replied "His mom told me he didn't take care of it anyway, I saw him throw her against a wall! " "I couldnt watch it anymore and I asked the mom and took the dog." This girl seemed quite upset and the dog was scared of everyone but her. I knew then she was telling the truth. I asked if she knew anyone with a cage. Anyone I could get one from until payday that she knew. She walked across the street and came back later that night with a cage. She said you can keep it if you give her a good home. Well thats the day we got Tori. I remember my wife upset on the phone on her way home from work and went she walked in the door and saw Tori, she melted. I knew there was an instant connection with our family that moment. Tori was 8 weeks old when we got her. She started developing a limp at about four months. I noticed something about her leg at six months was showing signs of arthritus. We gave her pain medication as needed. Now she is on a pain med from the vet daily and four glucosamine supplements a day. She is now 11 months. We took her to the vet last week for x rays praying for only good answers. Maybe a rebreak and a casting. Maybe something happened when she was little and her bones were flexible. None of these were the right answers. The vet came in to discuss that Tori has shallow hip sockets. That her femoral bone is grinding against her hip sockets a and causing extreme pain in the pelvis area. The vet wants to do surgery on Tori as soon as possible. Only thing is it costs $1200 dollars a hip, and both hips need done. They want to perform a surgery called femoral osteotomy. It's where the femoral bones head is taken off and it creates a false joint. The scar tissue attaches and with rehabilitation it will perform just as the femoral head should. The older Tori gets the less chances for recovery. She is young and can pull through with a little help from everyone. If you would like to donate to Tori's surgery her Vet can be contacted at :Affordable Pet Care(918) 437-6735Apcvet.com13111 e. 11th st.Tulsa, OK 74108



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