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CROWDRISE : Jun 24, 2013
Tax ID: 13-2730837
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Celebrating 45 Years

The mission of T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is to support and advance the art of acting through rigorous training and to share this with audiences through award winning productions at affordable prices.

One of the few surviving members of the original Off-Off Broadway movement, T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is today simultaneously one of NYC's leading acting schools and longest-standing theatres. Many professional actors and playwrights have honed their craft in this theatre.


Alumnus Edward Norton: 

The first plays I did in New York were at the Schreiber studio, and still some of the best that I ever did in New York were at the Schreiber Studio. He's created a real school, where many different skills are taught... and most importantly, it is where plays get put on. That can't be understated.  The T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is one of the few educational institutions in New York that puts on a season of plays each year.


At a time of economic divide in America, skyrocketing ticket prices are driving a class divide inside American theatre.  By producing award-winning, professional theatre at affordable prices, T. Schreiber ensures that there is a place for people without great economic means to be included in the theatre community.

Tax ID: 13-2730837 •


T.Schreiber Studio and Theatre Celebrating 45 Years

T.Schreiber Studio and Theat…

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