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Waking the Village offers 18 months of housing and support so that Sacramento County’s homeless, parenting or pregnant youth and their children can get busy living rather than surviving. Through Tubman House, young parents (18 to 21 years old) experience healthy living, endless advocacy, parent coaching and educational support so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives, and leaders in the lives of their children and communities. In exchange for housing, child care, and wrap around support, Tubman residents lead Youth Corps, growing as leaders as they govern Tubman and spearhead projects to build up their community.

Tubman House centers its program on the following principles:

  • All youth need support in transitioning into adulthood. When given the supports most youth take for granted, residents will choose not to make ends meet, but to thrive. 
  • Celebrate childhood and parenthood as a time of hope and personal growth by creating a community whose members share the challenges and joys of parenting.
  • Recruit talented, committed staff and limit case loads to 4 so that every challenge a resident faces can be confronted with the support of a reliable, trusted adult.