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On October 2, Tubman House was a long shot. $200,000 in federal funding was cut with no notice. We fought for one month to keep our doors open so that Tubman's young parents and their children could find a new home and preserve momentum. Our community answered back with $20,000 in donations to keep us open in October.

Now, Sierra Health Foundation has offered $25,000 to drive a matching funds campaign. If our supporters donate $25,000 between now and December 31, Sierra Health will match every dollar! These funds don't just buy another month or two. They guarantee our survival by offering us the time we need to secure stable funding for the years ahead. We already have $97,000 in funds secured for 2013. This match campaign, the first round of giving, and some promising local grants cover half our funding gap. In the reflection below, we share our plan to close that gap completely:

We Will Do It: 21 Days into our Campaign to Save Tubman

The strangest thing about calamity is that life goes on. Dinners still need cooking and babies lullabying. Brake pads still groan for replacement. Birthday candles ask to shine for a second birthday.

The quiet room and calm days you need to grieve, strategize and gather hope do not exist. Moments of despair are indulgences as you embark into the land of bravado, blind faith, and best guesses.

When we learned on October 2nd that the federal funding we use right now to sustain Tubman House had been cut, we believed for 24 horrible hours
that the program we had devoted 12 years to creating and refining was doomed. We were spectacularly wrong.

At Tubman, our residents chase dreams. It’s a giddy and terrifying business- as all dream chasing is. Inherent in the quest are moments of crushing doubt. This is why Tubman is a community. In these moments of fear, each of us needs to be surrounded by people looking at us with absolute confidence in our ability to succeed. We need people to insist on our possibilities.

In the last month, our Sacramento community and our Tubman supporters have overwhelmed us with their belief. There were no shoulder shrugs and “too bads.” No compassion fatigue from a city that has had a heavy handed portion of sad stories in this economy.

Our Tubman supporters took ACTION. In the 21 days following the news:

-$17,000 in donations poured in to ensure we kept our doors open in October

-Monthly supporters pledged another $9,600 in annual support

-Representative Matsui and Senator Boxer filed federal inquires with the assistant secretary of health and human services asking for a review of our application and the scoring issues. Both reviewed our documentation and agreed that there are egregious errors in scoring.

-The Rosie the Riveter Flash Mob was successful and drew attention to our cause. KCRA did one of the best pieces yet and led the evening news with the profile.

-Over 40 supporters met to plan a range of fundraisers and acts of advocacy.

-The Midtown Grid agreed to offer free promotional space as well as to drive a “5K on the Grid” campaign to encourage local businesses to raise 5K and encourage giving among their customers during the month of November.

-Mayor Johnson advocated for the support of Sacramento Steps Forward. We met with their program director and CFO to strategize. They are helping connect us to local foundations and corporate grants that may offer support. These connections are essential as we are trying to access funds outside the regular funding structure.

-We applied for a range of local grants.

-Women Lawyers of Sacramento granted $2000. Blue Shield contributed $1000. The Natomas Moms Group raised $500. The Spiritual Life Center and Fremont Presbyterian offered support.

Tubman House will survive this crisis- and come out stronger because of it.  Federal funding made us vulnerable. Community investment will keep us strong. To close the funding gap and sustain, we need your support as we:

-Develop a network of 300 monthly supporters to generate $100,000 in annual funding

-Increase Art Beast revenue through increased publicity and a membership campaign to bring in 100 new members. This will generate $50,000 in annual funding.

-Secure $20,000 in local corporate and foundation grants.

-Raise $25,000 through special events held throughout the year.

-Launch a new fundraising website: The What I Wouldn’t Give Campaign that generates regular funding by selling one-of-a-kind experiences

To kick off this campaign, Sierra Health Foundation has pledged $25,000 in matching funds. For every dollar raised between October 20 and December 31, Sierra Health will double it with up to $25,000 in matching funds.

We are excited to offer multiple ways to trigger the match:

1) Donate to Tubman. Our website offers an easy online link at

2) Launch an Art Beast annual membership. Offer a child in your life unlimited visits to Art Beast and a weekly arts class while supporting Tubman’s families. Pay a one-time annual fee or set up automatic monthly accounts. A $38 a month membership will be doubled by Sierra Health!

3) Explore a dream: Our What I Wouldn’t Give Campaign lets you pitch us an experience you’d love to have and the price you would pay for it. Watch for our website's November debut. It will offer some amazing gift ideas for the dear ones of all ages.

Life has gone on at Tubman as we continue our journey to sustain. Henry blew out two candles on his birthday cake. Xavier learned the alphabet. Dave and Sonja graduated and moved into a two bedroom apartment. Aaron got the job he has been chasing after for months. Miguel attends college full time and found that career that provides both meaning and proper income. Crystal is attending school full time to be an optometric technician and is learning how to balance being a mom and a provider. Shanae studies and creates and mothers and heals.

Our wait list continues to grow with young mothers and fathers and children waiting for their turn to join Tubman, and try their wings.

Thank you for making sure we are here to serve each one.

The Team: $28,731 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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