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Baptist Institute and Theological Seminary, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

Tuition Free Bible School and Seminary

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My name is Adam Johnson, and I am the president of the Houston Baptist Institute and Theological Seminary. Here at HBITS, we believe that a biblical education ought to be made affordable to everyone, regardless of their finances. We have a simple goal: To ELIMINATE the tuition. That's right you heard me-HBITS wants to give 1,000 students a 100% tuition free biblical education. Of course in order to do such a task, we need to reach a rather lofty goal, but we believe, with God's providence, we can do this. Our normal undergraduate tuition is $3,500 / yr. however, due to some great benefactors who have been MORE than generous and kind, we have been able to reduce our tuition for our undergrad programs to only 1,000 per student.

We were recently blessed with a great facility to use, however, now we have two challenges:

1.) To fill it with students

2.) To give those students the best biblical education available at the cheapest cost.

Our logic: What is cheaper than FREE?

Of course, we must also be realistic. We do have expenses, (though we keep our staff and admin cost down significantly, and our buildings are paid in full, meaning we have 0 debt and therefore don't pass on any unncessary cost to the student) such as normal office supplies, internet, insurance, building maintenance, vehicles, advertising, etc. etc. Our goal is to give 1000 students a completely free Associates or Bachelors (or NOT and) program and YOU my friend can make that happen today.

First, the legal stuff: Baptist Institute and Theological Seminary Inc. IS a registered 501(c)3 non profit public charity as defined by the IRS.

You can verify this by clicking the following link: (or copying and pasting it into your browsers URL bar)

Secondly, HBITS is committed to transparency, and has published all required publicly available documents each year PRIOR to the requirement to publish them. We want you to know where your money goes. Third, because we have that 501(c)3 ALL of your donations to us are 100% TAX deductible. Keep those receipts, you can write them off. Best of all, you would be doing a wonderful service to both our students, and the community.

"BUT, you ask gingerly, I'm neither a bible believer, OR a christian, why would I support such a thing?" Glad you asked. While you may not be a Christian, heck you may even be an agnostic or athiest, but you ARE a human. Part of what we focus on teaching here at HBITS is benevolence for the community, and as such, we involve our students in many community enrichment projects that help their communities at large.

Sometimes that means fundraising to build a community or family life center for youth, sometimes that means feeding the homeless, and sometimes, that simply means doing kind deeds for others, buying groceries for the extremely poor, or caring for other individual needs as they arise. Now, we do hope and pray that you, my friends, will become and or are Christians, but if not, you can take comfort in that donating to us, is donating to a communities future.

By training others to do benevolent works, we teach the selflessness that we believe Jesus himself taught in the statement:

Inasmuch therefore as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

We serve our fellow men because of our love of Christ, and although we pray you may one day share that love, even if you don't currently, benevloence and helping our fellow man, regardless of the personal motivation, is something we can all agree on. We hope and pray that all of you will consider donating to this great fund to help us send as many students to learn the bible as is humanely possible.

Every 1,000 gurantees a student goes TUITION - FREE. Thank you for your kind care for our students, and for planting a seed that will continue to grow into a great, productive, and benevolent work in the world in which we ALL Live.

A donation of any amount is a blessing.

Visit us online at:
Follow us on Twitter: @HBITS1



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