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Our late founder, Ms.Gokhan Mutlu,  dedicated her life to children, making sure that a child in need was able to get every support she or he needed to stay in school. Her passion for this work started more than 35 years ago with the creation of Turkish Children Foster Care. Through her leadership and with a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters from all over the United States, she helped hundreds and hundreds of children stay in school and better their lives by providing them with school supplies, financial, and emotional support. She tirelessly organized concerts, plays, bazaars and other fundraising events to raise money, in addition to your gracious donations, to be able to provide stu- dents with extra support. She personally met with every child and their families in Turkey during each distribution drive to talk to and listen to them; to hear about their concerns; and to provide them with emotional support and motivation to continue to stay in school and be successful despite the dire circumstances they were in. Her efforts paid off. With your support and her dedication, Turkish Children Foster Care has for years helped children stay in school and graduate to become successful members of society. These children have become adults who have returned the support they had received during their time of need to a new generation of needy children. There is still a lot to be done and a lot more students we can help. With your generous support we hope to continue Gokhan Mutlu’s work and realize her mission to help every child possible that is in need and wants to make education their priority in order to have a brighter future.