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Turning Point


Join us as we take a stand against domestic violence!
September 28, 2017

Turning Point is the only provider of domestic violence victim services in McHenry County. The agency runs the only secure emergency shelter  See more


Monica (name changed) was held captive in her own home by her husband. He locked Monica and their infant daughter into a bedroom when he left for work or other reasons. As a result, she and her now three-year-old daughter were prisoners in their own home. Monica finally found an opportunity to leave her home and get to Turning Point. By this time Monica’s daughter, Marta, was completely behind developmentally and suffered from lack of socialization, having spent her entire life with only her mother.  Marta was glued to Monica’s side as a result of never experiencing the outside world.   

Monica was abused emotionally and mentally but never physically. She and her daughter were simply belongings to her husband, the father of her child. Monica and her husband were immigrants. She had been highly educated in her country of origin, but now had very limited means to support herself and flourish in the U.S. Monica and Marta spent 60 days in Turning Point’s shelter. They availed themselves of the full range of services including crisis intervention and stabilization, children’s counseling, case management, legal advocacy, budgeting and parenting education and more. Monica was absolutely determined to make a new future for herself and her daughter and, with Turning Point’s support, she did just that. She was able to finally divorce her abuser/husband, despite repeated attempts to intimidate her by both himself and his brother. Custody battles continue to this day, but Turning Point’s legal access program has been a resource for her in this struggle.  

Monica found employment with a local school district as a paraprofessional serving the needs of emotionally disabled students. She also took the bold step of moving into one of Turning Point’s two transitional properties. As she and her daughter continue to stabilize they will find support from Turning Point every step of the way.




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