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CROWDRISE : Jan 03, 2014
Tax ID: 75-1282276
BASED: Dallas, TX, United States



Treatment for Drug Abuse

We help adults who suffer from drug addiction and mental health disorders. Our program consists of both residential and outpatient treatment programs.

TCRC was established in 1968 as a nonprofit agency. Nearly all of our clients are “dually diagnosed,” meaning that they have both a mental illness and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We serve over 500 clients per year and most are indigent and homeless when they arrive at our door. However, after completing our program, many once again become healthy and productive members of our community. We collaborate with other local agencies to provide our clients with access to detoxification, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, primary health services, health education and risk reduction, arts programming, and other life enhancing services.  A licensed, master’s-level clinician is responsible for the individual treatment plan of each client.  TCRC’s current programming includes: Routh Street Intensive Residential Treatment Center - 32-bed, residential treatment program, including drug abuse treatment counseling and education classes and services, as well as mental health counseling, treatment, education classes, and services.  Housing Assistance – staff assist clients in obtaining permanent housing.  Vocational Program – Employment services are available to all TCRC clients, including job assistance and referrals.  Psychiatric Medication Services – A weekly clinic is provided for TCRC clients to monitor psychiatric medications.  Homeless Outreach – TCRC is linked to the City of Dallas homeless outreach staff and with other agencies that serve the homeless.  Primary Care Diagnostic and Referral Services – The Parkland Homeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES) mobile van provides weekly diagnostic and referral health services to TCRC clients.  Life Enhancement Programs – TCRC has its own art program in which volunteers teach visual arts to TCRC clients.

Tax ID: 75-1282276 •


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