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Worlds Largest Hip Hop Industry Mixer Convention



EVENT DATE: Sep 01, 2013



The Western Conference - Worlds Largest Hip Hop Industry Mixer has established a reputation for bringing together one of the largest collaborations of America's comedians vocal

artists, musicians, dance crews, DJ's, MC's, rappers, comedians & beat boxers in the R&B, Hip Hop, Urban/Gospel, Funk, Soul Krumping genres all tied in to the worlds best

fashion show delivery.

Our conferences and network mixers generate opportunities for growth in entreprenuership. Our one of a kind platform leverages our aspiring artists of the future – to become
business models, sharpening their craft by getting connected with those that can help them get further, putting their minds together while they network, understand the industry from

the past and present.
As an expert in this industry, you have the chance to position your brand by gaining visibility through your best spokesperson.

Attendees are presented with an impressive presentation from passionate artists, as business minded, a listening ear taking leadership, showcasing your brand and services.
I , Latrina Blackberry have spent many years producing these events alone. Instilling the practice of turning passions in to dollars. Educating these artists to brand themselves and

network. Stretching their
dollars with everyone else like them that is also trying to get to the same destination. While surrounding them in a positive atmosphere they in turn gain real fans which become
real buyers in their future.

What We Need & What You Get

This year we're trying to reach a much bigger crowd from our normal. In order to reach our target we need more advertising dollars
to advertise to major radio stations like Power 106, KDAY and Kiss FM. With the money we could afford to hire a professional camera crew to cover the event. We would like to pass out

more than 20k fliers this year to gain the attention of more media companies to come out and support while doing a review on this beautiful event; which accompanies celebrity


In return for your generousity your brand will be mentioned as a major sponsor on radio ads. during the event on wide screen or dj announcment and press releases.
We will be willing to provide you with vendor space, logo on step repeat banner at the red carpet and banner placment at the event. All this including 8 VIP passes bottled service with

Swagg Bags.

The Impact

Going on six years straight. I have given communities something to look foward to. Receiving appreciation and recognition from the public for having an event at that magnitude with out

any negativity. Its becoming harder investing in these events on my own. Not having enough funds to hire staff and not securing big names these artists admire.

Your help would prove that this hard work wasn't for nothing that someone besides myself have taken a personal interest in these artists. Taking risks on ourselves to see to it that they

have a better future.

It would mean that this event has some significant in their press packages when they say they performed at The Western Conference.

Other Ways You Can Help

Other ways you can contribute is by donating products, providing free services that these artists couldn't normally afford. Securing a booth at the event.

Thank you.



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