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Scott Baker's Fundraiser:

Two Coyotes Tough Mudder Challenge!!!

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Scott Baker


Friends! Family! Financially abled bodies! And anything else that starts with F! I will, in three weeks time, be taking on one of the most Epic challenges ever... A Tough Mudder! Part race, part obstacle course, part boot camp, part mud, sweat, tears, laughter, yells, and teamwork, and entirely Epic! Why would I do something so crazy, you ask? Because there are some things that are even more Epic... A child's smile as they dive behind a log to hide during a game of Eagle Eye. Their giggles of wonder as a worm crawls over their hand. Their gentle peace of sitting, quiet, at their secret place in the woods.

For the greater part of seven years I have been a part of the Two Coyotes Wilderness School community. Beginning my journey here as a student and growing into my current role as an instructor, I've witnessed incredible transformations, within myself, and within everyone involved with the school. I've watched toddlers grow into free, expressive, self-reliant young children, young children grow into powerful, wise tweens, and tweens grow into young men and women of character, heart, and selflessness, taking on roles of leadership and role modeling in the community. I've seen smaller people with big, scary labels by their names, autistic, ADHD, PTSD, bully, bullied step in the woods and be happy, beautiful members of the community, leaving those labels behind, instead being known for their unique gifts and genius.

This is what I want the world to look like.

What about you?

Do you want to live in a world like this? Do you want to live in a world where Respect of Self, of Others, and of The Natural World isn't just a good sounding idea, but is practiced by everyone, simply because that's the way it is?

I do.

Which is why I'm asking for your help. Because, together, we can work to make this world a reality. Make it accessible for everyone, everywhere. Make it not only a fun day program, but a birthright.

Please. $20. $50. Hell, if you wanna get crazy, you can fund the whole 1 grand single handed! But please, give as you are able and as your heart moves you to. We're all in this together, and I am Honored for whatever support you can give.

Broke? No problem. Go in the woods, sit down and relish the beauty that is this world, the trees, the birds, the wind, the animals, bugs, sun, water, earth, all of it. That's help enough help for now. :-)

Seriously though, we do need money to run our programs, so please help with some of that too. :P

Thank you all, my friends.

See you in the Woods!!!



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